EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 14Kg (2x7kg) for £16 (Prime) / £20.75 (non Prime) at Amazon

EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 14Kg (2x7kg) for £16 (Prime) / £20.75 (non Prime) at Amazon

Found 1st May 2017
Cheaper to buy two smaller bags of 7 Kg with total price of 16 (8 each)

than buying bigger bag 12.5 Kg for 19.19

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- EMtart
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2 to 5 weeks for delivery from Amazon.
Also £8 @ Wilko
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Seems to show at £8 for me here and only have to buy one at a time if you dont mind waiting 2-5 weeks. Best to just show at £8 each as some might be confused and think its in sets of 2.

saw this 14 kg for £15 on my local asda after buying 7kg for £8 from amazon from previous deal. amazon is not the cheapest!
but that is delivered price, so no need to leave comfort of own garden.
I saw this offer yesterday so ordered 2 x 7kg just hoping delivery does not take too long
delivery now due this week - so was worth a punt
Cheapest here: amazon.co.uk/gp/…e=3
for 12.6Kg + 10% Extra free, comes with free delivery £17.99
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