** Evergreen Fir 6ft Christmas Tree only £3.75 @ Tesco Direct **

** Evergreen Fir 6ft Christmas Tree only £3.75 @ Tesco Direct **

Found 5th Jan 2015
Great buy for next year.

Create the perfect Christmas ambiance with this Tesco 6ft evergreen fir tree. Quick and easy to assemble, the hook branches create a lovely full tree to showcase your bauble collection.

On a sturdy metal base, the evergreen fir tree has traditional green foliage and makes a great addition to any home or office environment. Folding for storage, the Tesco 6ft evergreen fir tree helps you to celebrate Christmas in style year after year.

Decorations sold separately.

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ordered 5..ready to make a couple of quid next year

ordered 5..ready to make a couple of quid next year

its a long wait to make a couple of quid
Absolutely fantastic deal! I got one when they were £15 and I was happy to pay that. I then got my mum one when they were £10 so get them whilst you can. Easy to assemble and take down
good find op, heat added
Fantastic deal OP, we have been looking for a 6ft tree to upgrade from our 5ft and this is cheap enough to justify getting a new one
Ideal for coptic christians, who celebrate Christmas on Jan 7th.

ordered 5..ready to make a couple of quid next year

Make sure you keep them well watered, fed and spray over the summer months
They'll be at least 7ft by next Christmas... and if your very lucky pre-lit
Thanks just chucked my old one today so great timing
Ordered 3! Thanks x
Great price - ordered Christmas wrapping paper as well.
very nice ones, i got one when they were 15.
I like how they call it evergreen. At least you know it'll still been green next December!
Lovely, needed a new tree as my nearly 10 year old one starting to look dodgy
Ordered 2, thanks
Thanks OP nice find, will replace the straggly thing I bought from them a few weeks back for £2.50. Should get a fiver next Christmas for the straggly one.
Brilliant, was looking last night and couldn't find anything reduced by enough!
I got one yesterday in Asda for £10 reduced from £50.
Was a luxury one with 2 types of needles and holly berries and pine cones on it. Also just comes in 3 parts so you don't have to put all the branches on it one by one.
Some brilliant entrepreneurs here!
Ordered one, thanks OP!!
All gone
2 different photos are shown for same tree, wonder which it is?
Just ordered . Still have them
Thank u my friend has used this the last few years and always looks awesome
HOT. Ordered one for next year cause I cant get this ******* one back into it's damn box X)

All gone

I just ordered one :s
great thanks. threw our old one out yesterday so this is a great find!
Thanks for this, in the end I went for a pink one (3ft for £1.25, they also had a gold 2.5ft for £1.25). Heat added.
heat added! was looking for a new tree!
Great thanks ordered 2 don't know why!!
Thanks op, just ordered 2 for collection
Ordered, I hope it arrives!!!
ordered thanks
Quite a few of us ordering two, though I know why. My mates just moved into a flat just before Christmas so they will appreciate one for next year as well as myself who had none this year as the house was in a mess.
Ordered thanks OP
Thank you for sharing - managed to get enough decorations along with wrap for under £10 for next year
Thanks ordered my Mum one, been nagging her to ditch her 15 odd year old one
Ordered, thank you. Never thought I'd actually resort to an artificial tree but got fed up with pine needles everywhere, spending 30 minutes fiddling around with the base trying to get the darned thing straight and not being able to put my tree up when it begins to feel christmassy because it would've been bare by Christmas Day!
Amazing deal. I'd order one but I've run out of house to put it in.
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