Everlast EV700 Multi Gym/Home Gym £219 (AMAZON and sold by PureFitness & Sports)

Everlast EV700 Multi Gym/Home Gym £219 (AMAZON and sold by PureFitness & Sports)

Found 7th May 2013
The Everlast EV700 home gym machine is a perfect pick for anyone looking to branch out into weight training, it offers a vast range of exercise options spanning both upper and lower body muscle groups to accommodate for a full workout regime. The 45kg solid vinyl weight stack provides heaps of weight for starters and can equate to up to 75kg in resistance on heavy lifting stations like the chest press, a large range of weight allows you to keep progressing and become stronger over time, this is crucial for consistent gains in muscle mass. The EV700 features a higher pulley system which can be used to perform exercises such as lat pull downs (back), tricep push downs (triceps) and ab crunches (abdominals), a lower pulley system is also included for exercises such as seated rows (middle back), bicep curls (biceps), upright rows (shoulders) and lateral raises (shoulders). These are merely examples of what exercises are available on this gym however many more can be used by attaching different gym accessories onto these cable systems. The EV700 has been fully approved to European Union Standard EN957 and has been independently evaluated for Mechanical Safety, Intrinsic Loading & Extrinsic Loading Tests. The design has been tested for weight loading, pinch points, shear hazards, pull in and trapping hazards and similar hazards, which can arise during use of fitness equipment. This Everlast home gym is the perfect system to kick start your weight training endeavour and will undoubtedly provide countless productive workouts.
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Looks like a nice bit of kit, but not really a bargain... its (at least) this price most of the time:


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