everlast sauna suit £5.99 collect in store @ argos

everlast sauna suit £5.99 collect in store @ argos

Found 3rd Aug 2013
Some good reviews. Looks slightly better than the ones in the pound shops.
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A sauna suit's got to be hot - right?
Nice lol.
Tin foil hat sold separately?
I've bought it to go poundland in
Good to go running in also.....

Just make sure you where a tracksuit over it.
Should have a baseball cap too!
"Do you like my quasi-futuristic clothes, Mr Powers?"

Sweat Suits

For decades, many people have used sweat suits, garbage bags or saunas in order to lose weight quickly. You will lose weight in the form of sweat, which is water and electrolytes, but you will gain it back as soon as you eat again or drink water. This myth seems to have spread through the wrestling, boxing, and other sports gyms where guys need to lose a few pounds in order to make a weight class. But sweating excessively has no useful purpose in health weight loss. The dangers of sweating to lose weight are severe -- they include overheating (heatstroke), extreme loss of electrolytes (kidney damage/death), and other cardiovascular related emergencies.
The only way to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF, is to eat less and exercise more. Anything else is BS for gullible people. Truth hurts.
Waste of money
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