Everybody's Golf World Tour PS3 - £25.98 Del - Gamestation (+5% Quidco)
Everybody's Golf World Tour PS3 - £25.98 Del - Gamestation (+5% Quidco)

Everybody's Golf World Tour PS3 - £25.98 Del - Gamestation (+5% Quidco)

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Let's face it, golf can't just be for old men in pringle jumpers, funny looking golf pants and those bizarre little hats... can it? Well, not according to Sony and its golfing developer of choice, Clap Hanz.

Everybody's Golf World Tour, as the title would suggest, is all about inclusion. Golf's not just for the rich and idle any more! Well, maybe the idle...

Also going by the name of Hot Shots Golf 5, the game is... well, the fifth in that series. It features improved golf physics, complete with a brand new shot system. The system focuses on the swing, not the power, meaning that the player will keep a close eye on takeaway and impact zone and taking into account exactly what club they use, the distance and the weather.

Also included is a bumper online mode that enables the creation of tournaments for up to 50 participants and provides access to downloadable content and extensive stats tracking.

Naturally, it all comes with a healthy veneer of Everybody's Golf character. The words 'over-the-top' and 'zany' both spring to mind when describing the 15 playable characters and six caddies on offer...

Go on, get included!


Jeez. People voting cold without saying why.

Dont know if this is a great price but this game is the only real reason I bought a ps3, quality game and yeah people should leave a reason why voting cold.

i posted a ps3 game yesterday and at first people was voting cold without saying,

we have this game and love it!

The best golf game out there, hot from me

Has to be the game I've played on my PS3 more than any other.

I love this game, its awesome, tho went to play it again today and my ps3 is broke, damn blu ray drive in my 60gb has gone

but Sony even tho its out of warranty are going to replace it free of charge with a refurb 60 gb they told me its normally £199.99 to replace it

was just about to post this.
i'm re downloading the demo and will probably order tonight.
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