Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PC £7.99 @ Steam

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PC £7.99 @ Steam

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Featuring a beautiful, detailed open-world and a haunting soundtrack, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is non-linear storytelling at its best.


Great game. Heat added

loved playing this game, great storyline.


it's okay, major overhype and overly art-project feel to it

This became incredibly monotonous, very, very quickly. The game runs at a snails pace too, even when running. Makes me think that the developers were going for the pretentious art-club style, whilst artificially extending the length of their game. I'm sure I'd have persevered beyond an hour, but it's just so damned sloooooow!!!!

​Agreed. I liked the game and would have likely played it again if I was allowed to walk faster than a sloth.

once you get over the astounding graphics, it becomes tedious very quickly.

a bit like when you pull a stunning bird from Manchester

Fascinating game, but it left me cold at the end, I was disappointed. I think this is still quite expensive for what it is. A fiver would be fair.

It's not a game. More of an barely interactive film

Very slow paced and frustrating game mechanics. Have it for free from PS Plus but after struggling with the mechanics for 2 hours I gave up in frustration...

A joke about patients

boring as hell. deleted when playing it for free so definitely wouldn't buy it

Was really looking forward to this game but in the end it was a massive disappointment. Looks beautiful, sounds amazing but the movement speed is far too slow. It's a game breaker and totally destroys what could be a good game.

As others have said, the movement is far too slow. I got to a point, presumably near the end, where the orb of light completely disappeared. I then ended up wandering so far that I was back near the start and I was going to have to slowly walk all the way back and hope that I stumbled on the next bit. I just turned it off and stopped caring.
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Loved this game, started it again yesterday. It's no fast paced roller coaster but there are other games for that kind of thing. Im from Shropshire and spent a lot of time in the countryside in the 80s and this is just like that so it's more of a reminiscing game for me, except for the rapture bit X)

God this game was so dull, and i like arty, unique games. Nice graphics but thats about it. Dull story, snails pace, gets repetitive, vague ending. Dont waste your time.
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