Everyday French (PC) £0.00. Just pay p & p

Everyday French (PC) £0.00. Just pay p & p

Found 24th Apr 2007
Free French Interactive Phrase book. All you pay is postage costs of £2.99

This program will teach you all the everyday phrases you'll need for a trip to France. By listening to how the words are pronounced, looking at the pictures and reading the words, you'll be speaking everyday French in no time!

The program is divided into 9 conversational topics. Watch the story, look at the pictures then listen and learn the essential words and phrases. The program will enable you to eat out, ask for directions or go shopping with confidence. You can test yourself at the end of each topic to see how you've progressed. It couldn't be easier!


* Translate French sentences easily with the dictionary.
* Test yourself at the end of each topic.
* 9 topics covers a large variety of phrases, words and everyday aspects.
* Actually listen to how each word is pronounced.
* Associate writtern and spoken words with a picture for quicker learning.
* Read script in French or English with the script options.

6% through quidco but I don't know if it gives this on postage costs.


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I actually thought this might be useful for anyone taking gcse french this summer... might not be a bad idea for those that struggle with their basic french skills.

Tres bien Lulabell75


Tres bien Lulabell75

oooh la la! C'est bon! J'adore ton francaise.

Merci! J'etudie Francais!

great find! is this a limited time offer? does anyone know? cheers

Mange tout, mange tout!

Also available in German:


(Berlitz Think & Talk German)

I finally got my copy of this software from Savapoint today. It's taken 3 weeks for them to send it to me. Oh, and, no suprise, it doesn't come with any manuals, box, etc. It is just an original copy of the CD in a clear jacket.

Errrr, avoid this software.
Yes, I know it's free (plus P&P), but it's also way out of date.

It's just told me that my brand new Dell Laptop Core 2 Duo with ATI 256Mb graphics isn't powerful enough to run the software, as my computer's graphics have a palette of "1" color available, rather than the required 256 colors !

It then tries to install an equally out-of-date version of QuickTime. It also seems completely unable to play any sound (although it's supposed to have native speakers talking through scenes).

If you're still running a copy of Windows NT, then this is great software.
However, if you have updated your PC in the past 7 years, then chances are, this software will run silently/very badly on it. Save your £2.99 P&P cost, and go and buy yourself a pint instead.


It gets worse, after trying to manually install the out-of-date version of QuickTime, to try and get the sound working, the main program now doesn't run at all.

It complains that it requires 3Mb of "free virtual memory to run".
Errr, I have 512Mb of free memory, dude.

I can understand why Savapoint is giving this rubbish away now.
This CD is nothing more than an expensive coaster.

I'm clicking on the Expired button for this deal, so no one else wastes their money on this out-dated software.


It complains that it requires 3Mb of "free virtual memory to run". Errr, … It complains that it requires 3Mb of "free virtual memory to run". Errr, I have 512Mb of free memory, dude.

Sounds like you're having a bit of a nightmare.

Not sure if this helps but the amount of physical free memory you have is different to virtual memory. Have you manually changed your virtual memory settings yourself at some point or is your OS enabled to do it automatically? If it's the latter it's hard to see why you should have a problem.
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