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48 x Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate 21.5g Standard Bars £9.99 (Minimum Order Of £20) Minimum Best Before 02/03/2023 @ Discount Dragon

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About this deal

  • 48 x Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate 21.5g Standard Bars
  • Cadbury Curly Wurly – toffee smothered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.
  • Each bar weighs 21.5g (Total 48 Bars / 1032g)
  • Minimum Best Before 02/03/2023
Free delivery when you spend £20 with Discount Dragon. I only shop online so thats why I think this is a good deal.
Discount Dragon More details at Discount Dragon
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    Can buy 6 for a quid in asda so you could get 60 for this price?

    I posted this as an online shoping deal, I do not go to the shops, 44 mile round trip for me.
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    Delivery is £1.99 if order under £20. Needs adding to desc
    You can't check out under £20. (edited)
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    Good grief.
    I remember when they were 10p
    And much bigger!
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    Would be good to buy with those monster energy drinks posted earlier to get that free shipping
    I had the mixed case and that was good.
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    they sell all the same stuff you can get in home bargains and farmfoods,and normally cheaper or same price,no bulk order required
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    I bought for 10p each so £4.80 for this box .sorry cold
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    I know prices have generally gone up everywhere, but as this company deals in clearance and short dated products, having to search around all over their site to find goods, (often not really wanted,) to add to another wanted item that is quite close to the price obtainable in the supermarkets/markets & discount shops, is just not worth the effort anymore for the small amount of saving.
    Yankee Bundles were always reasonable with their pricing, but since rebranding as Discount Dragon, are no cheaper than anyone else and often more expensive than other online retailers offering with a similar business model.
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    Cheaper to buy online or in-store from supermarkets at 6 for a £1 .