Everything Everything - Man Alive CD Album £7.93 @ Tesco Ent
Everything Everything - Man Alive CD Album £7.93 @ Tesco Ent

Everything Everything - Man Alive CD Album £7.93 @ Tesco Ent

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Brand new album from Manchester based Everything Everything.

Don't forget cashback and the 15% discount which brings it down further!

Not to everyone taste I agree, but this is currently the cheapest price anywhere.

"Imagine a band who fuse three part harmonies with scalding post-punk guitars; floor-filling bass lines with syncopated rhythms and lyrics about everything from high-school massacres to R&B lotharios musing on their lot in a post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Not easy, is it? But then Everything Everything (Jonathan: guitar/vocals, Jeremy: bass, Mike: drums, Alex: guitar) arent here to make life easy. Theyre here to challenge every knee-jerk convention of indie rock and dance on the grave of pointless retrogression"


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Link to you tube video "My Keys, Your Boyfriend" (with the older music video)

I just can't get enough of this song - its infectious!

Also worthwhile checking out is Schoolin' : youtube.com/wat…fjo
(or user video with lyrics, if like me you can't understand them all! youtube.com/wat…ZxM )
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I must be getting old........

First caught this on 6music.

Good, catchy stuff.


I must be getting old........

Snap - sounds like a epileptic camel having a crap...

A superb album! Think I might have been worried if HKUDers had been biggin it up!!!!
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