"Everything" for £5 at Play.com

"Everything" for £5 at Play.com

Found 19th Sep 2010
Apologies if already posted, I can't seem to find it. Play.com are selling a variety of stuff for £5 each (not technically EVERYTHING LOL). I don't know if this is on all the time or if it's something new (??) Maybe useful if you're being mega organised for this year's Secret Santa :¬)


Play.com having a sale?

Surely not!


its gonna get cold in here

It's been on for sometime now.

OMG a sale at play.com who would of thought that................. no way im so excited

next you will be telling me DFS will be having a sale ;-)

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OMG people being bitchy on this site. Who would have thought that?

I found 3 things in no time that would have been INCREASED in price by Play to fit the £5 deal. Not bitchy Clare, it's a rubbish deal.

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I thought Mr Potato Head for £5 was OK and the Iron Man t-shirts. I am doing my stocking filler shopping at the mo.

Agreed - my point is purely that ALL that appears in the £5 sale isn't a bargain.

Merry Christmas

I have to be fair. Some of the £5 items are well worth it. The Johnny Cash tin boxset looks lovely for a fiver.
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