Everything Half Price At Somerfield (Birtley, Co Durham)

Everything Half Price At Somerfield (Birtley, Co Durham)

Found 21st Apr 2009
Tomorrow 8am - 1pm at Somerfield in Birtley, Co Durham - Everything is half price as they are closing to be opened as Morrisons. They have quite a few items half price now but tomorrow the fresh meat and everthing else goes on sale. I hope this will help anyone living around the area. Sorry I can't put a picture but I didn't know which kind of picture to insert.


Nice heads up for those living near by, (not me, dammit lol)


my local somerfield has been having a half price sale as is closing down and being replaced cos co-op now own somerfield and i think they are selling off some of the stores cos we got 4 close to us

Yeah, my local one is shortly to close to re-open as Waitrose (couldn't get more different!), so I'm hoping they'll be doing something like this too.

I feel as if I have drawn the short straw ... mines closing to become a Spar

really hot,pity you cant tell more people in your local area.

Ours is closing to be a Waitrose (Ponteland, Newcastle) and they are selling stuff off at random times. I was in last week when some beer was down to £0.80 for 4 cans, wine from £0.59 and Champagne from £5 (oh and some nappies for the little un for £2). I filled my trolley!!!! There is more stuff to go down so I just hope I'm lucky again!

Is it the one on parsons road washington? or does anyone have the address please?

I cant find any details for Birtley store, rang the gateshead one and they said Birtleys already shut down?

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No it is not in Washington, the address is Durham Road, Birtley, Co Durham. and it is not closing until 1pm tomorrow.

Our large Somerfeild is closing to become a Morrisons (Margate Kent thank god)but they seem to be shipping stock out rarther than reducing it .......not many bargains.....

So is it the one on e Durham Road Gateshead that it says on Somerfield website? Ne9 5ex

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No, it is not a NE post code, it shows on the website as Birtley, Chester le Streeet DH3 1
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