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Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause (but were too afraid to ask) by Kate Muir Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

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An eye-opening, no-holds-barred guide to the perimenopause and menopause written by campaigner, journalist and documentary-maker Kate Muir.

Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause (and were too afraid to ask) is the thinking woman’s guide to the menopause, bringing you answers to all those questions that have been hidden behind a veneer of misplaced shame, bad science and centuries of patriarchy.

· What’s the perimenopause and when will it strike? (It’s sooner than you think)

· What’s happening to my body – and my mind?

· Why can’t I stop thinking about sex in perimenopause?

· How do I get my sex drive back after menopause?

· How do I look after my body and brain when my hormones disappear?

Muir draws on interviews with the leading medical experts in the field, interlaced with her own tumultuous journey through the menopause and the personal stories of women from all walks of life, sharing their varied experiences and hard-earned wisdom.

Muir also questions why the current medical establishment is getting the menopause so wrong, as she debunks the myths that surround hormone replacement therapy and exposes the sloppy science and hysterical headlines that have had a negative impact on women’s health for the last twenty years.

It’s essential that we understand the biology of our own bodies during this critical period that will define the latter half of our lives. With the help of a panel of doctors, scientists and health experts, Muir unpacks the science behind hormones and ageing, and takes a close look at the different options available for treating both body and mind during the profound changes that take us into midlife and beyond.

What she discovers is that both symptoms and treatment are far more extensive and diverse than we might expect. The menopause is the whole package, and the treatment needs to be too, with impacts as wide ranging as preventing Alzheimer’s, boosting sex drive and protecting mental health.

This ground-breaking guide is a social, cultural and scientific exploration into a criminally overlooked and under-discussed phenomenon that will affect one billion of us by 2025. And it is a manifesto for change, calling for equality in healthcare and an entirely new approach to women’s health.
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    Thank you for posting - my wife has just started perimenopause, and is finding it tough... I'll send this over.

    It's shocking how little the support is available for something 50% of the population will go through - we all need to be aware, imho.
    You are most welcome and I sincerely hope that it is of some help to your wife and she perhaps finds something useful in the book to make her feel a bit better....as mentioned in posts above Davina McCall has also done 2 TV programmes examining the topic of menopause and your wife may find them worth a watch on C4 catch up.
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    Felt this was worthy of a post as hopefully it may help someone
    Thanks OP,
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    Yes, unfortunately we can't be 27 for all of our lives and anything that helps with adjustment to inevitable change must be a good thing
    There is also a very serious side in relation to recent research highlighting a possible link between neurological changes during menopause and Alzheimer's and the potential for HRT being a game changer in this. (edited)
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    Proud of the comments here so far. Hope it stays that way! Keep it up, fellow human beings!
    TBH so am I as I was expecting a lot of 'jokes' or derision due to the subject matter. In saying that I wouldn't suggest giving this as a thoughtful gift for any sort of special occasion like Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary or Christmas as it may not quite be taken in the spirit it is intended by the recipient!
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    I'm going through it at the moment & thank goodness for HRT, game changer is that stuff, still a little off & room for improvement but I'm much better than before
    It's nice to have someone be open about it as it seems to be an issue that a lot of women feel they can't talk about for various reasons which I can totally understand when you consider some of the not so pleasant symptoms that can be involved.

    I hope that you continue to feel better
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    Already back to £5.99 unfortunately
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    There's the wife's valentine's day present sorted (edited)
    Good luck as I suspect you'll need it
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