Everything5Pounds Now Has A Designer VIP Page - Prices Starting From £5 + £3.95 P&P

Everything5Pounds Now Has A Designer VIP Page - Prices Starting From £5 + £3.95 P&P

Found 21st Apr 2017
This is more of a heads up than anything else - weirdly I haven't seen it mentioned on their FB page yet?

Mostly Mens' items so far, and a few handbags, seems to be mostly Moschino. Suit jackets, trousers, shirts, boxers, sweaters, t-shirts.

The prices *aren't* all £5 - they seem to be from £5 for (Moschino or Cesare Paciotti) undies to £10 for a (Versace) t-shirt, (Rosso Fiorentino) Sweater for £10, £20 for a (Moschino) shirt, £49.99 for a two-piece (Ben Sherman) suit, £50-£60 for a (Moschino) handbag, etc.

Edit: Martaluscious (thanks) commented that the suits are Ben Sherman.

I haven't pasted all links, just a selection of what's on there so far.
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Mens Brief Moschino Underwear £5 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Mens-Brief-Moschino-Underwear/p/609942

Mens Long Sleeve Shirt (seems to be in various colours), also Moschino £20 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Mens-Long-Sleeve-Shirt/p/609915

Camden Fit Plain Twill Two Piece Suit £49.99 everything5pounds.com/en/…890
Camden Fit Tonic Trousers £19.99 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Camden-Fit-Tonic-Trousers/p/609891

Quilted Shoulder Bag (seems to be Moschino) £60 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Quilted-Shoulder-Bag/p/609947

Mens V-neck T-shirt £10 everything5pounds.com/en/…940
Rosso Fiorentino Sweater £10 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Rosso-Fiorentino-Sweater/p/609922

Scarf Detailed Shoulder Bag £55 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Scarf-Detailed-Shoulder-Bag/p/609945

Love Moschino Bag £50 everything5pounds.com/en/…943
Kings Fit Plain Twill 2 Piece Suit £49.99 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Kings-Fit-Plain-Twill-2-Piece-Suit/p/609888

Rosso Fiorentino Sweater £10 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Rosso-Fiorentino-Sweater/p/609924

Scarf Detail Handbag £60 everything5pounds.com/en/…944
My sister has been asking about the suit jackets/trousers - no idea which brand they are (no label pictured or mentioned) but they are 100% Wool.

My sister has been asking about the suit jackets/trousers - no idea which … My sister has been asking about the suit jackets/trousers - no idea which brand they are (no label pictured or mentioned) but they are 100% Wool.

​Ben Sherman according to descriptions
Are Y fronts fashionable again?


Are Y fronts fashionable again?

Only if you lick toilet seats

Ben Sherman according to descriptions

Thanks, didn't see your comment, it got lost sandwiched in between the giant Y-fronts jpeg :P
to be fair £5 is about the right price for the vast majority of items and if 'designer' is your thing price doesnt matter does it.
Great find thanks OP! Although the sizes I needed were gone in black, managed to get grey & white for hubby!

Ben Sherman according to descriptions

I see what's happened, now that I've clicked the links again. e5p have updated the links to the suit jackets/trousers to say "Ben Sherman".

The descriptions I used above on Posts #1, 2 and 4 were pasted from the links, earlier this afternoon (you can even see it in the URLs)

Seems they've updated a few other URLs and descriptions in the process. There's now even a pop up, summarising the new Designer VIP section

Oh, and the crew/v-neck t-shirts are Versace (another link that's been edited) https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Versace-V-Neck-T-Shirt/p/609940

Crew neck: everything5pounds.com/en/…941
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Also with the boys in mind, if you dig a little you can find Farah 3 x pack socks for £5. Both more sporty and formal styles.

Cotton Socks Three Pack £5 https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Cotton-Socks-Three-Pack/p/590279-162816-161675

Three Pack Mens Socks £5 everything5pounds.com/en/…675

Strange name for a shop which sells goods up to £50?

Strange name for a shop which sells goods up to £50?

This is just a new addition - as far as I know it only appeared yesterday. I assume they're testing the waters to see if they can offer a more premium range (?). It's separated by a different tab from the core £5 products - though I can see a few complaining on the FB page.

Same as when Pound shops offer a pricier range as well, I suppose. Doesn't bother me, as long as they advertise it clearly.
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A few new items (haven't mentioned them all, just a few): everything5pounds.com/en/…ner?q=:newArrivals

Can't say I'm that enamoured by their handbags so far!

Mens Versace Boxers £5

Mens Trunks Moschino Underwear £5 https://everything5pounds.com/en/Mens-Trunks-Moschino-Underwear/p/610236

Love Moschino Bag £40 https://everything5pounds.com/en/Love-Moschino-Bag/p/610239

Moschino Round Neck T-Shirt £15 https://everything5pounds.com/en/Moschino-Round-Neck-T-Shirt/p/610237

Lancetti Mens Formal Shirt (a few different colours listed elsewhere) £10 everything5pounds.com/en/…231
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Ben Sherman Puppy Tooth Camden Fit Three Piece Suit £49.99
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I also got these recently (not sure what they're like in the flesh but the recipient really liked them!), in both Black and Brown https://www.everything5pounds.com/en/Mens-Lace-Up-Brogues/p/609445
The brand is "Original League" so it's non-designer! and £5! I can see a few of this brand's shoes on ebay - they only seem to specify EU sizing.

e5p very rarely state EU sizes on their shoe listings, but for these they state, eg, UK 10 = EU 43.

Nowhere could I find Mens' Shoe Sizes converted this way, most say UK 10 = EU 44, 44.5, even 44 2/3!

I had some madwoman rant at me on their Facebook page when I pointed this out (and she deleted her comments...) but I went with the EU size stated and it proved to be correct.

Can only assume that e5p are applying their UK to EU shoe sizes to both genders - as they state Womens' UK 8 = EU 41.

I find from rummaging around, Mens' sizes UK to EU differ slightly to Womens'.

TL;DR: If you want these shoes, order a size up from their stated UK size.

Edit: There is still a "Share With A Friend For £5 Off" code generator if you know where to look, unfortunately it's tied to your email account and one time only per email address, otherwise I'd share here.

Another Edit: There's a review on that link now. "Go by the EU size not uk as it appears to be wrong. I got 44 for my size 10 Hun husband and they fit well".

At least someone agrees with me! I imagine they'll get quite a few returns because of this, so if you really want them it's worth watching the link.
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There are also Chelsea Boots at £5 (I'm tempted to think it's the same brand as before as the UK/EU sizes are listed. Again, the UK sizes mentioned are a bit "off") but the stitching on them also looks a bit dodgy! everything5pounds.com/en/…446
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A few new items today - Moschino Jersey Polo Tops, £15 in different colours. This is the nicest one everything5pounds.com/en/…311


Are Y fronts fashionable … Are Y fronts fashionable again?http://www.yfronts.net/ebay/briefs/IMG_7357.JPG

Not Y-fronts like the one you shared! But yes, modern briefs are fashionable. Shame they've not got any for sale at the mo.
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Not Y-fronts like the one you shared! But yes, modern briefs are … Not Y-fronts like the one you shared! But yes, modern briefs are fashionable. Shame they've not got any for sale at the mo.

The stock disappears quite quickly once it's uploaded - not sure when they add the Designer stock, though (the £5 New Arrivals appear around 9-10am every morning).

If you really have your heart set on something, it doesn't hurt to bookmark it, sometimes they come back.
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