Everything5pounds Zara jumper £2.50 (£6.45 inc. postage)

Everything5pounds Zara jumper £2.50 (£6.45 inc. postage)

Found 4th Sep 2017
I got this jumper in cream and ash like the photo but it's also available in pink and coral. It looks much nicer in real life than it does in the picture. It's good quality and well made.

While the label at the back of the neck has been cut out. The tag on the inside with laundry instructions is marked Zara Canada Inc.
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Neither of those prices is £5
Neither of those prices is £5
There's a New Look bomber jacket on there too (can't seem to add quotes properly any more on this new site, so I'll copy/paste)..

Mentioned it on another thread last night .. https//ww…631

louiselouise14 h, 7 m ago

From reviews and comments on the everything5pounds' Facebook page, this is actually a New Look Bomber Jacket (only XS left in Charcoal, XS-XL in Camel colour)

If you know where to look, you can get a £5 off code on the Refer A Friend promo - some post links on the e5p Facebook page (under Visitor Posts on the right facebook.com/pg/…nal ) though £3.95 P&P is applied.

Which potentially makes this £3.95!!
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Everything5poundscosts £6.45
bloooo13 h, 58 m ago

Neither of those prices is £5

No it means you have to weigh only 5 lbs to get in to it. Hopefully some one will open a 250 lbs store and it'll be like sliding in to a glove, ah well all the dreams I have are waiting to be fulfilled, not the one about the monkey though, that's on indefinite hold.
but it doesnt look pretty. also very see through.
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