Evesham DTR 250GB Twin Tuner Digital TV PVR - £99.99 Delivered!

Evesham DTR 250GB Twin Tuner Digital TV PVR - £99.99 Delivered!

Found 28th Sep 2007
Evesham's new DTR250 Twin Tuner Digital TV Recorder delivers a wealth of features to ensure you are just a click away from staying in total control of your TV viewing and radio listening.

A combined Digital Terrestrial (Freeview) receiver and Digital Video Recorder the new DTR250 from Evesham gives you access to all free-to-air digital TV channels and radio stations and includes a whopping 250GB HDD to record an extensive amount of TV programmes in digital quality. It includes a comprehensive selection of ports ensuring a phenomenal amount of connectivity options to suit your requirements.

* Twin Tuner (DVB-T) Record one channel while watching another
* Time Shift - Pause live TV
* One button record
* 7 Day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
* Once, daily, weekly programmed event recordings
* 250GB HDD
* Remote Control

The DTR250 has an automatic channel search facility so set up is not only instant but completely hassle-free and features an easy to read, full 7 day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which allows you to pre- schedule your weekly viewing and doubles as a multi guide to schedule recordings quickly and easily up to 7 days in advance.

Recording your favourite programmes couldnt be simpler, by adding your selections to record with just one touch of a button, the DTR250 automatically records your preset selections until either storage space is filled or until you run out of things you want to record. With Twin Tuners as standard you can even record one Digital TV channel, whilst watching another.

The DTR250 also boasts the Freeview Playback logo certifying it as a high quality product to ensure you get the best TV experience with Freeview. Freeview Playback puts you in control of the 40+ Freeview channels currently available, allowing you to watch what you want at a time that suits you. You can record programmes at the touch of a button and can schedule recordings in advance, all that you record can then be played back at any time, you can even schedule an evenings TV list based on your recordings. Not only can you record your favourite TV programmes, you can also pause and rewind live TV so that if your viewing is interrupted for any reason you can return to the part of the programme you left off or if you miss or simply want to repeat a pivotal moment in a programme you can do so with ease.


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Twin Tuner (DVB-T) Record one channel while watching another

Can it record two channels at once?

Can it record 2 channels at once and playback something already recorded on the HD ?

no record one watch one this is a vestel type pvr decent price most 160gb versions are £99 same as goodmans hitachi digihome techwood etc good boxes some you can modify with firmware to record twice at same time not sure on this breed :thumbsup:

I have one (well not this exact model but the same box with Digihome branding). There is a hack but it didnt work on mine. Very average and suffers from freezing/ skipping a lot. Its like the hard drive cant keep up when recording a channel and playing back a recording at the same time. Great price but doesnt really do the job properly. I found it unusable. I also have Sky+ and never get problems with that, also I have a Matsui Freeview one that works without glitches. Maybe this one is different but from what ive seen a lot of these are rebadged by Argos, Evesham and other companies and a lot of them dont seem up to the job. Voted HOT as even though Ive a poor experience its a very good price compared to other retailers.

The skipping will be because your aerial signal isn't strong enough . Freeview boxes have differing tuner sensitivity. These Vestel PVRs are pretty sensitive, but you do need a stronger signal for PVRs than standard set-top boxes ( the aerial signal is feeding 2 tuners ).

These are comparitively good boxes and work well ( these are one of the best budget PVRs) . Mine has given no problems in over 10 months.

A bit more info from a question I posed at Digital Spy. It's worth checking the user comments there before leaping in, there are a lot of cheap PVRs on the market that may disappoint.

It is almost certainly one of the Vestel clones. Judging by the use of … It is almost certainly one of the Vestel clones. Judging by the use of DTR (rather than PVR) in the model number and the presence of the Freeview Playback logo on the front panel suggests it is one of the latest T816 Vestel variants which have dual record capability. However it does not say specifically it is dual record. It just says "With Twin Tuners as standard you can even record one Digital TV channel, whilst watching another". This together with the low price suggests it may be the older T810 Vestel unit which is not dual record (with the official software at least). If it is a T816 it is a good price as the equivalent Wharfedale branded unit at Argos here is priced at £139.99.Colin

These are certainly now the Vestel T816 models with dual record and able to watch a recorded programme at the same time. In my mind, it is clearly the best pvr out there under £100, much better than the very loud Thomson and is 250gb in size which is bigger than nearly all the other vestel clones.

My DTR has stopped working since the switch over
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