Evesham SatNavs (under £100) delivered

Evesham SatNavs (under £100) delivered

Found 17th Nov 2007

Found these! and seem a good price to me!

3 of them being under £100 delivered!

Does anyone have one of these models or can let me know what you think of them? Am looking at the Evesham N20 UK

This is my first 'find' so to say! hope its a good one!

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I have/had a 6200 model for the last year. It was my first Sat-Nav and I loved it.

It suddenly stopped working a month ago, Couldn't find the receipt so emailed Evesham's customer services, they got back in touch a few days later, asking for serial, name, address etc, and are going to repair it under warranty, no questions asked.

On this basis alone i'd buy another, email support isn't 24-48hrs like they state, but they always reply and are courteous when they do!
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