EVGA 7950 gx2 1024 MB DDR3 for £84.60
EVGA 7950 gx2 1024 MB DDR3 for £84.60

EVGA 7950 gx2 1024 MB DDR3 for £84.60

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Seems like a great deal I think these cards are end of life but they have 17 left as of this post. And on the bay they are being listed at £155.


Bargain. Very HOT:thumbsup:.

Now I have a GX2 and an 800GTS in the post.

Which would be better to buy? two of these or a single 8800GTS?

anyone used pcwb before?

who bought them all then -____-


Which would be better to buy? two of these or a single 8800GTS?

A single one of these can keep up with an 8800GTS, but Quad SLi sucked big time - usually almost 0 performance increase.

I was about to buy one (think of stepping up with this thing!), but they're now unavailable

Taken from hexus:


Think seriously about what's been presented to you in this article thus far, concerning GeForce 7950 GX2, and you should (if I can do my job properly) come to a conclusion like this: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 is probably the most caveat-laden graphics purchase yet released.

The conditions that have to be satisfied before it makes sense to get one are pretty much as follows:

Are you willing to live with less-than-absolute best image quality from the high-end generation right now?
Are you sure the games you play all have SLI support, or you're at least happy to wait for support to come in a future driver?
Do you have a PC platform that supports it properly, which is realistically just nForce SLI of some flavour?
Do you have a very well ventilated PC chassis, able to assist in the significant cooling challenges it presents?
Do you own a high resolution PC display, since it's built for at least 1600x1200 in current supported games?
If you run dual displays, are you happy for one to go blank when in multi-GPU mode?

sold out now

The GX2 currently offers similar performance to an 8800GTS, but ultimately the 8800 series will be the better buy. I will play with mine for a week or two before selling it on ebay. For 90quid there is NOTHING that comes close.

mcmav deserves more credit then he will get for this.

Do these suffer the totally useless for games problems with Vista like the 7900 series do?

Academic now they're sold out i spose?


I might even keep mine unopened for novalty sake. Who knows how much it will be worth in 20 years.....

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I'd have had one aswell if I hadnt just put a new rig together and bought a 8800 gts seemed a good price for an older card that can still keep up with the big boys for now.

Got my shipping reciept !!
Will probably get delayed in the postal strike tho ....

This deal was posted on the HEXUS forums before it was posted here. Someone in the thread said they were gonna buy a load to go on ebay, so I guess that's where they all went .

Woohoo! Got mine. Its the superclocked version too! Just benchmarked it, and it's faster than my 8800gts, giving me 10019 3dmarks (06) !!
Thanks again mcmav :friends:
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