Evian 6 pack from asda £1

Evian 6 pack from asda £1

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6 500ml bottles of evian should be £2 scanning at £1!

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Been online at this price for a few weeks.......

Thanks for posting, image added

Been this price instore for couple of weeks!

5ltr saka water £1 @ Tesco

£1.12 at Tesco if no Asda near you. Just got some, along with a bottle of Jack Daniels (_;)

Yeah been this price a while now. There's already a post, I checked the other week or when ever it was. Really good price if you buy bottled water but you'll just get the usual "Get it out the tap for free" craic.

Paying for water

inb4 OMGpayingforwat....


I'm sure they've been £1 at Asda for a while. 2 weeks back I got them for the same price.


What's wrong with tap water? It's free


What's wrong with tap water? It's free

do you not pay water rates ?


What's wrong with tap water? It's free

There is a huge difference between the taste of tap water and bottled water. Some people claim that they can't taste the difference but a lot of others can.

Highland Spring are usually "on offer" 12 for £2. Seeing Evian 6 for £1 seems pretty decent, might have to stock up soon!

these were in asda pudsey priced upat a quid each got some for the mrs she drinks alot of bottled water i prefer the volvic flavoured water ... stocked up when they were 69 pence each

Free 500ml bottle of this from WH Smith o2 priority moments btw


do you not pay water rates ?

Metered water is around £2-£3 per thousand litres though.Or around 0.3p per litre vs 33p per litre in this "deal".

Just been to asda and begrudgingly bought 8x Buxton for £2. Serves me right for not paying attention!!

2 for£4 now.
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