Evian natural mineral water 6x500ml 50p instore @ Tesco

Evian natural mineral water 6x500ml 50p instore @ Tesco

Found 28th Feb 2013
Found this in my local Tesco this morning, also online.
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NOT online. Adds into my basket at £2.25, even though the 'price drop' says "was 61p, now 50p". The item is still showing at £2.25
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Me too
Price glitch looked online think it should only be the price of one bottle. Great find. Probably be fixed by the time I can get there!
Evian Natural Mineral Water 6X50cl Pack £2.25. 50p per bottle.
Tried online but adding to basket at normal price.
Apologies have changed the title accordingly must be instore price glitch then.
Looks like the Price Drop is meant to be for this:

Dd you go to a self serve till and accidentally scan 1 bottle and not the multi-pack bar code
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Just scanned in store -£2.25 so I think one bottle must have scanned and not the multi pack bar code
I definitely scanned the code on the multipack.
Have a look at the receipt (pic to small for me to tell) and see what the description says - i.e evian 500ml or multi 6x evian
Obviously the other answer is that they have corrected the price issue
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best deal for these was the 1.5l bottles where 91p for a pack of six.
Think price watered down
Shame there's no source of cheap water, say, in your kitchen.
Spoke to Tesco- am told will honour online glitch so I took screen shot of it in place just in case. Am told it will show as 50p when delivered. Hope it helps you too.
50p in Tesco express Gloucester
They were 50p but a price error (I work for them). The price has been corrected.
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