Evian Still Mineral Water 6 x 1.5L - £3.58 @ Ocado

Evian Still Mineral Water 6 x 1.5L - £3.58 @ Ocado

Found 12th Dec 2009
Best that money can buy and the cheapest place for water .

Evian® Natural Mineral Water
The natural choice of Champions
No-one knows the importance of hydration better than the world's best tennis players. It's key for them to choose the water they drink carefully, given that the water in our bodies is mostly renewed every 6 weeks with what we drink. With the utmost purity from 15 years' filtration through the French Alps, it's no wonder that EVIAN has been chosen as the Official Bottled Water of The Championships, Wimbledon.
Evian Natural Mineral Water is characterised by its lightness and balanced composition


and the cheapest place for water

Oh really? :roll:

To bottled water drinkers: drink tap water, princess.

Err, I'll take my chances with tap water

You can get a six-pack of bottled water at Poundland. It's not Evian, but 3.58 really is a lot to pay for six bottles of water. And Evian is this same price at Tesco.

BTW, I don't see the problem with drinking bottled water if one so chooses -- I used to live in a city where the tap water was foul. It's good where I live now, but I still buy bottled water once in awhile -- then refill the bottles from the tap for myself (and save some new ones to offer guests) as I got used to drinking from them while on crutches when I needed a sealed drink I could carry hands-free by shoving in my pocket. Also, I like to put them in the freezer awhile to get nicely chilled. Lots of good reasons to use bottled water.

Water flows from my taps (yes both of them) pretty much free of charge so I'd NEVER pay through the nose for it just because some overpaid (by the company hawking the bottled water) 'superstar' is telling me how great it is.
French as well,that's even worse !!!!!
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