Evisu jeans, French Connection and Timberland trousers up to 70% off @ Amazon

Evisu jeans, French Connection and Timberland trousers up to 70% off @ Amazon

Found 28th Sep 2009
Amazon's outlet has some great deals on jeans. They have loads of Evisu jeans for women at 70% off. Capri jeans from £57. The jeans on pic are reduced from £250 to £75. Decent savings to be had, Check out all the other trousers on offer. There are French Connection cords reduced to £10 pair and Timberland chinos for men reduced from £105 to £23 a pair!


oh the cold voters!!!!

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heat added - how can u beat £10 for FCUK cords!

wow do people ever seriously pay £250 for a pair of jeans ! i feel bad enough paying £25 for a pair, but then when you have little ones i would hate to get paint/playdoh/baby sick etc etc all over a really good pair of trews.

Do be fair most evisu jeans are around £130 ish in the shops....I dont think ive ever seen them at £250 (well, mens ones anyway)

The reason for the price is they use old school looms for super tough denim....anyway....Cdiscount always have evisu jeans dirt cheap anyway...

They are 2nd hand, they are worn and faded around the knees, if I want to spend that much on a pair of jeans, I would like them new with knife edge creases :-)

Comical RRP.. £250??


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Comical RRP.. £250??LOL

I agree, but still, there are some good bargains, and despite over inflated rrp £75 is still not bad for these jeans.

i useally get mine from the evisu store i jakarta supermall when i go over seeing my family..we get ripped off big time with evisu in the west..in jakarta i useally pay around 20 pounds a pair and last time i went i bought a few t-shirts for 4 pounds each and a jacket for 15 pounds and a pair of evisu boots for 25 pounds all real too if i wanted to buy copys they were about 2 pounds a pair on the market but for the price of real ones from a proper evisu store its best buy real ones they last ages.

if anyone ever goes to jakarta goto the skate store in the super mall they sell real ecko/and limited edition nikes mega cheap i bought a duck down ecko jacket for 30 pounds and limited edition dollar bill picture covered nike airforce for 12 pounds..and all drunken monkey t shirts were 3 pounds each ..brilliant store im going over in a few weeks too stock up on xmas gifts and clothing in a few weeks i cant wait ..
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