Evo Magzine subscription for 3 months only 1£ + 20% QUIDCO =0.80p = 27p per issue (actual cover price£4.20p per issue) @ Magazine Group
Evo Magzine subscription for 3 months only 1£ + 20% QUIDCO =0.80p = 27p per issue (actual cover price£4.20p per issue) @ Magazine Group

Evo Magzine subscription for 3 months only 1£ + 20% QUIDCO =0.80p = 27p per issue (actual cover price£4.20p per issue) @ Magazine Group

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This a great one if you are a performance cars fan.
evo is the only UK magazine dedicated to performance cars and every issue is packed with amazing photography, rigorous tests and nothing but the very cream of driving machines. If you love the thrill of real driving, you won't want to miss evo.
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Evo magazine is the British magazine dedicated to performance cars, from hot hatches to supercars.

Going by the tag-line 'The thrill of driving', Evo magazine attempts to immerse the reader in the driving experience of any particular car, and all other aspects are considered secondary to this all emotive 'drive'. While hard data is accumulated in the form of lap-times (for which Evo regularly uses Bedford Autodrome), cornering speeds, and straight-line performance figures, the subjective nature of the driving experience is the paramount factor by which cars are graded by Evo.

Many prominent members of the automotive industry have made contributions to Evo, including Gordon Murray, Jeff Daniels, and occasionally Rowan Atkinson. Other contributors are Peter Dron, John Simister, Ian Fraser, Martin Buckley, David Yu, Tony Bailey, Paul Bailey, Simon George and Richard Porter.

In the latest issue of Evo magazine (3rd March 2009):

Evo Cover Stories Focus RS v Megane R26.R, Audi R8 v Lambo LP560-4, Abarth 500 v Mini Cooper S and Jag's XFR squares up against BMW's M5. Plus four red-hot hatches, Ferrari's on ice and much more

Evo News As Lamborghini reveals its last hurrah for the Murci-lago, the LP670-4 SV, Porsche shows us the second-generation 997 GT3, Renaultsport drops a teaser about a hot version of the new Megane and Bentley gives us the Continental Supersports

Evo - Driven Mazda MX-5, Litchfield MX-5, Jaguar XKR, Corsa VXR-R, Autofarm Cayman, VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI, Toyota IQ

Evo Magazine Main Cover Story - 2009'S BIGGEST TESTS New cars. Lovely, aren't they? But how do they compare with the current class champions? That's the question you always want answered, so that's why we've arranged head-to-head tests for the quartet of significant drivers' cars that arrive this month. The much anticipated 300bhp Focus RS squares up to the stripped-for-action Megane R26.R, the warbling V10-engined Audi R8 meets its mechanically very similar cousin, the Lamborghini LP560-4, the frisky Abarth 500 meets the car it wants to be (at least in sales terms), the pesky Mini Cooper S, and Jaguar's new 500bhp XFR meets the guvnor of supersaloon-dom, the M5, in a nocturnal showdown

Evo Feature - Red-hot hatches Impressed that the Focus RS has 300bhp? Don't be. We've found four hatches with more - much more. How about an Astra VXR with 420bhp? Ollie Marriage braces for torque steer


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also 6 issues of auto express for a £1 on there

Err no, the quidco terms state that only the Credit card payment option tracks and that doesn't offer the 3 for £1 deal, you have to buy a years worth. Still hot but inaccurate

Ignore the above, there is a very similar offer from another provider on here which i got confused with. Good spot, as you were.
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