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Posted 10 January 2023

Evo-Stik Fire Retardant Expanding Foam Filler 700ml - £1.20 with free click & collect @ Jewson

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EVO-STIK Fire Retardant Expanding Foam Filler is a one component polyurethane foam that is self-curing through the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. It sets to form a semi-rigid structure, which flexes firmly, yet yields to vibration and joint movement. For interior and exterior applications, it is suitable for filling large, irregular or awkward gaps where a fire rating is needed, for filling gaps through fire rated insulation between brickwork and cladding and around ductwork, and for insulating and filling around door and window frames where a fire rating is necessary. The foam has excellent adhesion to wood, brick, stone, concrete, plaster, asbestos, wallboard, hardboard, and metal surfaces. It does not bond polythene, Teflon, silicone and other waxy materials. You must be 18 years old or over to buy this product.

Features & benefits
Forms an airtight seal to prevent transmission of smoke
Fire rated to EN 1366-4
Fills and insulates large or small gaps
Excellent adhesion to most building materials
Jewson More details at Jewson
Community Updates
Nothing in Fort William, phoned the store today - the assistant even gave the impression it's an error / they haven't had the Fire Retardant Filler for ages!
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    Is Jewson a Trade-only retailer?
    No, but they are NOT cheap. 
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    Only available in FORT WILLIAM according to my search. Not worth the 8 hour drive
    That's not a problem if you would want to buy energy drink prime lol
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    Ya...254miles from me.
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    Out of stock anywhere in 50 mile radius around Cardiff.
  5. Avatar
    No stock near me in Wigan
  6. Avatar
    Plenty in stock near me, right next to the unicorn horns.
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    Best placed in the back of your mates carboot after you’ve slit the side
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    Unfortunately, boyf phoned this store (Fort William) and they definitely don't have it - the guy on the phone gave the impression they haven't had it for ages and it was some sort of mistake - he seemed a bit baffled. They don't have the Fire Retardant stuff in stock, regular Evo-Stick Expanding Foam (in their stockroom) is about £11 a can! (edited)
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    Discussing it with boyf, turns out there's a much older thread (May 2022), for this item / same price, but no-one confirms on the thread that they got one at £1.20.