Evolution RAGE1-B Multi-Purpose Circular Saw £50 @ Amazon

Evolution RAGE1-B Multi-Purpose Circular Saw £50 @ Amazon

Found 25th Oct 2017
Bought this last week for about 66 pounds and saw it today at 50. Have not used it yet but has good reviews.

Lowest price for the last 6 months based on camelcamelcamel uk.camelcamelcamel.com/Evo…O1K

Same price on B&Q as well.
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I purchased one of these a few months ago after my usual diligent research. However, I found that it would not cut at 90 degrees; it was out by half to one degree and could not be adjusted to the correct angle. I returned it for a refund and am now waiting for a (much more expensive) Bosch to drop in price:

Not going to vote on this as it may well be that I was just unlucky - as the OP says., it does have a lot of good reviews (which was why I bought in the first place).
Surely using the word 'Rage', as part of the name for a saw, is going to attract the wrong target market? what next a chainsaw called the 'Friday Special'?
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Their other range is called Fury. Is that any better? :-)
I managed to measure a 90 degree cut using the one on sale at Aldi this month. £29.99. I think you need an adaptor to fit evolution multi blade like this on it
How does this cope with bone and soft tissue?
Idle curiosity.
I have this. It is powerful and does beams and post no problem.
Not very precise , but not meant to be.
I used 2 clamps and a straight edge to get better results

For price and depth of cut and power it is a safe bet

simonspeakeasy14 h, 23 m ago

Their other range is called Fury. Is that any better? :-)

I think Fury is lower quality (that's what I've read on amazon).
I find evolution tools to be a bit cheap in terms of quality. Generally not good for anything other than diy pretty rubbish for anything precise
Took up the deal. It arrived today and produced a familiar burnt electrical wire smell when it was turned on for a few seconds. The spin down speed is awful. I'm considering reordering, but wonder if anyone else can give feedback on what theirs is like first?
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