Evolution RAGE3-S 210mm Sliding Mitre Saw 240V Now Only £99.99 @ Screwfix

Evolution RAGE3-S 210mm Sliding Mitre Saw 240V Now Only £99.99 @ Screwfix

Found 7th Feb 2011
Easily cuts steel, aluminium and wood (even wood with nails), using supplied blade. Features laser cutting guide and in-line handle and switches. Cutting depth can be set for grooving.

* 1500W
* Max. Cross Cut 60 x 220mm
* 24-Tooth TCT Blade Included
* Electric Brake
* Soft Start
* Spindle Lock
* Laser Cutting Guide
* Extension Arms & Clamp
* Aluminium / Steel Base

RAGE3-S, multipurpose blade, box spanner, instruction manual, 2 x workpiece supports, repeat stop, top clamp, dust bag.

I've had this saw for about a year now and given it a lot of use. It really cuts anything! Next cheapest I can find is £149.00
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I bought on of these 2 years ago.

Excellent machine. On reflection though I think I would rather get one with a longer sliding action.

Bargain for £99 though.

Damn good price.


The replacement is 3x this price.

Personally prefer 10" rather than 8" blade but this is an excellent & portable site saw.
Cheers guys, didn't know what I wanted for my birthday and was on the verge of getting anything just for the sake of it... now getting one of these.
A really good buy at this price and would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing a mitre saw to consider this model.
These have been on offer for a while, pallets and pallets of them go out on a daily basis.
I have one of these and it is a good piece of kit, slices through anything and is accurate enough for DIY
i bought a circular saw from the Rage range and it is brilliant. The blade (which is where most of the technology is) cuts through all types of materials effortlessly and lasts a long time too.

Great product, great price...........great find!!!!!!!!!!!
How does it compatie to the B&Q Version . Any comments .


This ones got a lazer . love a good lazer I do .
simple. pay the extra and get the rage

How does it compatie to the B&Q Version . Any comments . … How does it compatie to the B&Q Version . Any comments . [url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.diy.com%2Fdiy%2Fjsp%2Fbq%2Fnav.jsp%3Faction%3Ddetail%26fh_secondid%3D10957626%26fh_view_size%3D10%26fh_location%3D%252f%252fcatalog01%252fen_GB%26fh_search%3Dsliding%2Bmitre%2Bsaw%26fh_eds%3D%25c3%259f%26fh_refview%3Dsearch%26isSearch%3Dtrue]http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid=10957626&fh_view_size=10&fh_location=%2f%2fcatalog01%2fen_GB&fh_search=sliding+mitre+saw&fh_eds=%c3%9f&fh_refview=search&isSearch=true[/url]This ones got a lazer . love a good lazer I do .

It $hi7s all over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi guys, sorry I'm a bit of a DIY newbie. Would this be suitable for cutting skirting boards at the required angles for corner joints?
This saw is a piece of ****. It's been this price for ages now, i'm returning mine tomorrow having done a few DIY chores.

Yes, the blade cuts through most things, but if you want accurate cuts, this is not the saw for you.

- After only a days work the laser is off, not even straight.
- When holding the cutting handle, you can move it side to side, which reflects on the cut not being straight.
- Also, when the base is locked in position, you can still move the base side-to-side.

All these reflect in the accuracy of cuts. Bargain price it might be, good quality cuts it does not. I tested the Makita (£150) in B&Q just the other day and it did none of the above, solid. I'm saving for the DeWalt (£250) to replace my old one. Having owned about 6 mitre saws, the DeWalt was the best. The budget/discounted ones were crap. (Performance, McAllister, Evo etc)
GazTheHat - Think you must have been unlucky with your one, I'd take it back and get a replacement. I'm a carpenter and have been using one of these for over a year now and they are great. Cuts like a hot knife through butter and is very accurate. Admittedly my laser has gone slightly "off level" but I think that's more to do with the fact that I've had it rolling about in the back of the van - if I'd have taken better care of it I reckon it would still be fine.

For anyone considering it I can't recommend it enough, perfect for skirting/architraves etc. I've had Makita and Dewalt mitre saws but to me this one always wins hands down and at this price it's a steal (although they've had this at this price quite a few times over the past year now). Heat added
Out of stock now. ****.
Excellent for general joinery, but not accurate enough for precision mitres, but then nothing is at this price range.
anyone know of any discount codes available this month?
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