*EX RENTAL* Prom Night (Blu-ray) - £3.99 @ Blah DVD

*EX RENTAL* Prom Night (Blu-ray) - £3.99 @ Blah DVD

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Found 24th Mar 2011
It's been three years since her family was murdered by a teacher obsessed with her, and Donna (Brittany Snow) is getting ready to go to the prom with her boyfriend, Bobby (Scott Porter). Now living with her aunt and uncle, Donna has just started having nightmares again about the tragedy, especially the part where she was hiding under the bed as she watched the teacher, Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech), kill her mother. On prom night, Detective Winn (Idris Elba, THE WIRE), who handled the original case, is suddenly told that three days ago Fenton had broken out of the psychiatric hospital where he was imprisoned, and is now missing. With a strong suspicion that Fenton will be heading after Donna to fulfil what he believes is his destiny--to be with her. Winn and Detective Nash (James Ransone) go to the prom, which is being held in a lavish hotel, to keep their eyes on Donna and to watch out for Fenton. But Fenton is a crafty villain, already on another murderous rampage as he makes his way toward Donna, who he believes belongs to him and only him.


One crap remake .

thought it said porn night-should have gone to specsavers

Do we need peoples reviews of the film? Surely this is a good price for the blu ray if someone wants it. Heat from me.
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