Ex  Uriah Heep,  Lone Star & Gary Moore Band  -  John Sloman  -  Don't Try This at Home  (Full 2016 Album)  - Free Download @   CD  Baby

Ex Uriah Heep, Lone Star & Gary Moore Band - John Sloman - Don't Try This at Home (Full 2016 Album) - Free Download @ CD Baby

Found 26th May 2017
Amazing Album From Mr Sloman - MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC files plus Artwork included in free purchase - Great Classic Rock Genre Album from Uriah Heep/ Lone Star Vocalist.

Album Notes
‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ was recorded entirely at home. I chopped up my couch, put a drumkit in my living room and set about destroying my relationship with my neighbours.
I must say having people threaten you with petitions to have you evicted really makes you feel young again. There I was one day laying down a drum track when suddenly in my headphones I heard what sounded like my doorbell being rung. But this was like no other time I’d ever heard it rung before. It was as though the postman had suffered a fatal heart-attack as he was delivering my mail and had fallen against my buzzer. Anyway, frustrated that a perfectly decent take had been ruined, I put the drumsticks down and marched to my front door to see one of my neighbours who I’d never actually spoken to before, her finger still ringing my buzzer. Before I could speak she let fly: ‘How do you expect me to read my book with that row going on!?’ I was livid - not only had she interrupted my session because she couldn’t concentrate on her Jackie Collins novel, she thought she could critique my work while she was about it! I could’ve told her to go to hell or slammed the door in her face. But instead, in reference to all the endless building work going on in our street at the time, I calmly replied: ‘Would you prefer I was using a hammer?’ Without missing a beat the Jackie Collins fan shot back: ’Yes I would!’ I was trying to think of a witty response when she added: ‘If you don’t stop soon I’m going to take out a petition to have you evicted!’ thus filling my mind with images of angry crowds carrying burning torches to my door like a scene from the Wicker Man, with me being burned as a witch up on the heath in some macabre midnight ritual.
As a result of the above (and a whole lot more I won’t trouble you with,) some tracks worked out better than others, but I poured out my frustrations in the title track. When it was all ‘finished’, I wasn’t that happy with it. So much so, that I decided not to release it at all. But then, after getting some positive feedback, to one track especially (Smash The Looking Glass) that I posted on Facebook, I decided to make it available as a free download.
‘Don’t Try This At Home’’ was made in the same solitary fashion as my acoustic albums, with the job of final mix being left to a fresh pair of ears. In this instance I was lucky to be able to call on the brilliant Jez Coad to mix my ‘sonic attack’ into a more listener- friendly experience.
I’d also like to thank Will Mackie, Harvey Montague & Paul Brockwell.
From time to time artists will claim to have made an album ‘at home’, when often those ‘homes’ have a state of the art studio in the basement. But I don’t believe you should be able to say you recorded an album at home unless you had to chop up the couch to make room for the drumkit.



1. Fall from grace

2. Wild light

3. Last man on planet earth

4. Under the delta

5. Blind

6. Rivers to cross

7. Spider and the fly

8. Conspiracy of silence

9. Smash the looking glass

10. Don't try this at home

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Nice find Boz - cheers!

Nice find Boz - cheers!

Thank You
Always been a fan of Lone Star & The Mighty Heep
The Firing On All Six Album From Lone Star
Was A Wonderful Album.
Such A Shame The Guitarist left to join UFO
and the band split.

They did a great In Concert As Well For The Beeb
Before they called it a day.


Edited by: "Boz" 26th May 2017
I saw him with Gary Moore.
Edited by: "prowla1" 26th May 2017
Many thanks.
I'm glad I'm not his neighbour though! oO
Thankx again Boz. Made my long weekend even better...!!!

Thankx again Boz. Made my long weekend even better...!!!

Glad to hear it

Many thanks.I'm glad I'm not his neighbour though! oO

He plays all the instruments on the album.
Clearly very talented I wouldn't mind if he was
my neighbour as it would be music to my ears.

Cheers Boz something for the weekend
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