EX470 HP MediaSmart Server @ Dixons (on pricematch) for £344.33

EX470 HP MediaSmart Server @ Dixons (on pricematch) for £344.33

Found 21st Mar 2008
Been after one of the HP MediaSmart servers and have been waiting to be able to purchase one on the cheap but all the vouchers i have only been able to find it for £370.

Today i came across this website selling it for £344.33 probsolvexpress.com/. Didn't like the look of the website so called up dixons to take them up on their pricematch of ANY website. Got it for the same price but safe in the knowlage i am dealing with a large company.

If you want to buy from probsolvexpress.com/ feel free but i would not be able to reccomend it.

FYI: This worksout cheaper to buy the EX470 and add a HDD than to buy the EX475.


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Shame it doesn't have raid 5

Thanks! I was also looking to purcahse one of these over the weekend.

Thanks gary_rip.:thumbsup:

Got myself one of these following your tip, I also upgraded to a further 2 x 750gb Samsung F1 HD's, I already have a 750gb NAS + USB in an external enclosure so with the standard 500gb drive 2.75tb should suffice, I also added 2gb Patriot ram upgrade, after reading other forums it is generally accepted that the 512mb is only just enough but an upgrade to 2gb makes this server fly and takes a lot of pressure off of the system.

All in all just over 500 quid for the lot delivered. Bargain! :thumbsup:

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Only just seen the replies to this thread.

Haha... cliffpitt i did EXACTLY the same...

Got from ebuyer 2 x 750gb HDD for £80 each and 2gb OCZ ram for £23.

Glad i could be of help! :-)

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Oh and mine still hasnt shipped from dixons yet... could you let me know if/when yours does!

I thought it was 3 to 5 days delivery???????????? seems strange that! hope we havent made an error here.

Just rang them up and apparently yours is/was delayed due to the bank holiday and still apparently when you ordered your its was 7 to 10 days delivery ( working days) !!!! It is now 3 to 5 working days.... mine could be here by the end of next week I suppose....seems rather a long delivery time though.... WE WILL SEE!!!!.

I took a rough guess at your order date from your post.

Just as an aid to calm the nerves... Probsolvexpress are quoting 1 to 4 days delivery and it appears they are a fulfilment house only... No direct telephone contact number to be found (well, i could not find one) Huuummm! I think we did the right thing Gary...just hold tight. ;-)


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Nice one!! +rep for the call.

7 - 10 working days is silly!! but then again im not in a hurry for it as such...


However re reading yours it sounds like you might get yours first... without being mean... i hope not!!! haha :-)

Yeah i think probsolve was a bit iffy, at lease we can call dixons, even if its only to tell us its gonna be 10 days lol!

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Thanks! I was also looking to purcahse one of these over the weekend.

did you buy one in the end?

thanks Gary...much appreciated, 7 to 10 days though...Jesus! what are they doing....walking it to you :-) hahahahaha!

The girl at Dixons did say stock was in so you should be fine.

On another note:
This is getting expensive now as I have just ordered a 3rd 750gb and had to order a copy of XP Pro OEM as my DELL XPS 600 system has XP Home on it (I was more than happy with that until now) but you cant REMOTE DESKTOP with XP Home... or so they tell me. I have two Laptops with XP Pro on them but again the HP Server wont allow fiddling over a wireless connection...so unless I plug one of the laptops into the LAN I wont be able to configuer anything. Where does it all end!!!!!!!!!!!!!...hahahahahah!

Cheers for now Gary... I will let you know if I pip you to the post on delivery and would appreciate it if you could do likewise. Just so we know if Dixons are bluffing us.


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on XP Home you can remote desktop from it, but you cannot remote desktop to it...


did you buy one in the end?

Yer bought my one over the weekend and still haven't got a confirmation for despatch.
I emailed customer service and they were unable to confirm the date of despatch and have said to allow 7-10 days for delivery. Although, it hasn't really been 5 working days and I have shopped with their sister company Currys before and they are a little slow at despatching goods.

Just want to point out to becareful when adding a second Hard Drive (HDD) to the MediaSmart Server at this point in time as Windows Home Server has a corruption problem in a multiple HDD setup, although Microsoft has announced there will be an update in June 2008. Still the server at this price is a bargin! :thumbsup:

I'll keep you guys informed when Dixons has despatched my order. Looks more like it will arrive next week... Was hoping to play around with the server during this weekend. :-(

I'm sure that if they've run out of stock they could easily get some more from PC World. :-D

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Thanks for letting us know, its now a face... and i want to win!

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Site is rubbish so cant say to much but mine has been dispatched by DHL on a Next day service so should be here monday!

I can also confirm that it has also been despatched.

Shame it will arrive on a Monday and not tomorrow... :-(

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Redalert, just noticed your join date!! Been here a long while and was keeping quiet, seems this thread has broke you out of your shell :-D

I guess I couldn't resist and had to compliment on such a good find... :-D

Also I had been searching previously for a good price on the EX470 and best I could do was get 5% off the RRP price.

You definitely deserve a pat on the back. :thumbsup:


Hi Lads. Dont want to rain on OUR parade but have you seen this?



It seems that the 3 Samsung F1 750gb hard drives I purchased may have compatibility problems with the HP server....Oh Dear!

Most of the reported problems seem to be with the 1TB F1's but the second post seems to indicate that one user has a problem with a 750gb.

Did either of you buy the same? any comments?

When you get your servers up and running can you comment to us all if you have the 750gb and it causes issues with not being seen unless you do a cold boot.

Waiting with baited breath guys in case I have to RMA these drives back due to incompatability.


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So are you actually having issues with the 750GB drives or have you not tried them yet?

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Mine has just been delivered!!...

And on the basis of the above comments on the HDD i have decided to send them back to ebuyer and purchase these.... digital-fusion.co.uk/INU…330

Gary...so sorry did not get back to you mate...was at work all day and when I tried to log in it did not recognise my password...weird or what! I saw what you asked but couldnt reply...sorry....Had to wait until I got home to log in....Anyway.... I did the same and sent mine back to Overclockers. I then purchased 3 x SEAGATE 750G SATA ST3750330AS. Better safe ( safer? ) than sorry....dont realy have much experience with Seagate but im willing to give them a try.

I have a chat with the Tech guy at Scan and he confirmed the Samsung F1 1TB and 750GB problem, (no issue with the 500gb Samsungs though??..might be just the technology used in F1 drives...who knows!!!) He said he had seen it many times on NAS boxes. All that HP MediaServer is is a big NAS box with more complicated server software... instead of Samba it is WHS... very very broadly speaking.....err I think... or a NAS box with millions of bells and whistles. :-D

Well Gary, you piped me to the post... Just had e-mail notice saying DHL delivery on the way :-D

have fun with yours :thumbsup:


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I changed my mind in the end and got a 1tb seagate drive from scan for £115.99 +vat... but had lots of "fun" setting it up last nite/this morning!! haha

Mine arrived yesterday and had only a few hours to try it out... Seems to be running fine.. All I need to do now is find a good spot to put it.

Once the corruption problem is fixed on WHS, I'm planning to get the Western Digital 1TB Green Power drives. That should make sure it uses as little power as possible.

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I was gonna go with green power but i thought i would just buy cheaper and save the money that il then have to put to the elec bill.

They are about the same price as the seagate 1TB drive you are getting and hopefully will be even cheaper when the time comes to purchase one.

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£135? where...

As far as the messages seem to indicate the data corrution issue only appears during the transfer of large amounts of data and while the system is being written to i.e files altered at the same time as large data exchanges. in any other situation the corruption is not reported as occuring, So I see it like this, I will transfer my files onto the system and just let it run as a picture server for my friends and relatives and as a storage medium to transfer my files from work to home.

under these circumstances and from the understanding I have of this issue the corruption issue "should" not occur.

We will soon see.

cheers lads.

BTW... mine arrived an hour ago.


£135? where...

Dabs.com has the WD 1TB GP drive for £141.51 inc VAT. Plus if you get it over the weekend you should be able to apply for free delivery.

And at Amazon they are doing it for £143.30.

So it's only a £5 difference considering your home server will run much cooler hence the fans won't need to run as hard causing it to run less power.

I'll [FONT='Times New Roman']probably [/FONT]be affected by the data corruption, as I plan to edit files straight from the server. But what could be done is add a HDD and just don't add it to the storage pool and just share the drive as how it's done normally in Windows.

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This has now gone up in price to around £350.

Juat got in in time then Gary, shame I havent had time to even get it out the box :-(

Server, Hard Drives, Ram, CPU still sitting in my office, Maybe my wife and son will give me a little peace this week end even just to look at it.

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Ive had mine out of the box since the day i got it, but ive only been on it once as i cant remote connect to it from work at the moment til i setup my router correctly and i haven't had a chance at the moment, it is backing up my laptop tho!

You bought 2gb ram and an LE-1640? Got my CPU from scan for £32.49.

yep got the Patriot 2gb ram chip and the 1640, I paid £35.44 delivered for the ram and £43.93 for the cpu and artic silver delivered, I had run out of AS on other projects.

£79.37 all in for the whole upgrade is still a bargain though.

I may leave the cpu on the shelf until that warranty runs out and then do that upgrade, I dont know yet about that though as it depends on if I can resist the temptation to install it... the ram chip is easily replaced if I need to RMA the box at anytime, I purchased the cpu now because you can bet your bottom dollar that when I come to do it in 10-12 months I wont be able to get one at all.

Hope you get your router config sorted soon, thats one of the things that I'm not looking forward to as from what I have read if the auto config works...it works...if not...it can be troublesome. did you enable web photo share and get a HP domain name and all that?

Mail me back with your experiences Gary, I am keen to hear how you configured yours and to learn from your experience. I have other NAS drives and USB drives that I back up Ghost images and photos to etc etc, so the auto backup will be turned off on my unit, I just need it for web photo share, media streaming and remote file transfer from work to home...file duplication onto other drives will be used a little.....simple tasks really, I always do manual back ups and then verification of those backups of my systems and always will do, I have been caught out too many times with automated back up solutions that just....errrr...Don't.

I'm a keen photographer so all my digital images are copied from my CF or MS Pro cards and placed on external drives in RAW/JPG format, I keep these as my virgin copies, so If the server does misbehave then I have got master files... safe and sound..errr...ish :-)

Keep in touch Gary.



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Is there a specific reason that you went for Patriot memory? I think mine is PNY just wondered if there is something that ive missed!?!

I also had to get some artic silver so mine wasn't far off yours.

I decided that im gonna get mine all up and running how i want it, then do the upgrade. 1. so that i know that its working before i break it. and 2. so i will be able to see how much faster it is.

I have a sky Netgear 834g+ i think and the UPNP wont config on its own so im gonna need to set up NAT. Shouldn't be too bad to be honest, i think there is only 3 (well 4 after uTorrent) that i need to setup.

I think ive enabled the web photo share, well when i connected remotely there was something about it and 5 or so demo pictures. Didn't go for the HP name, went for the xxxxxxx.homeserver.com name as i thought it look better/easier to remember. I cant even remember what the HP domain name was come to think of it.

I'm looking to use mine as a massive file server for HD movies, so will be looking to get 4TB in there in the end, but im also going to be using it for uTorrent downloads, backups, itunes central library and remote acess to files, not sure if im gonna use the photoshare thing at the moment but i defo will take a look at it after i have the rest all setup.

There is an advanced toolbar addon thats really good, gives you access to task manager, my computer, desktop etc...

At the moment the server doesn't back its self, nor the backups up... but thats gonna change in June when they bring out the first "power pack" which is free.

Still need to read up more about the data corruption issue before i add a HDD.

the only reason that i went for that specific brand is because that was what was tested and found to work ok... I'm betting on the safe side again, apparently some other modules are to tall etc etc and have problems fitting or that is what im assuming.

cant wait to see my pics online and to be able to remote connect is only a dream at this point. I have a BT homehub and a BT 2Wire 2700HGV that i can chose from if either gives me trouble.

Never used a server OS just used P2P for all my requirements so i'm a bit concerend about setting it up....cant be that bad though and I have the forums to fall back on if it goes tits up. :-)

Good luck with it all Gary.

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Update for server to version 3 here: best2serve.com/sal…EA& @ £10.00
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