Excerise Equipment (75% off) @ wILKOS

Excerise Equipment (75% off) @ wILKOS

Found 13th Mar 2009
Not sure if in all stores but most in Tyne and Wear had excerise equipment at 75% off. Had pilates bands £2.99 (75p)
Everlast skipping ropes £1.99 (50p)
Had other stuff too including weight gaining powder drinks.

Bought some stuff yesterday and when looked at reciept had given me 99% off, bought few more bits from another store but when tried to buy a few things (got bit carried away) they said they were taking off shelves cos could not sell at this discount, had to be discounted manually.
Still managed to get dumbells 4p, radio 5p, pilates bands 4p, everlast skipping ropes 2p, thigh toner 4p and own brand skipping ropes 1p. Not a bad days shop!!.



they were probably taking it off the shelves for themselves!! lol i doubt my wilkos will have something like this going on but no harm in looking will check out asap thanks for the heads up lets see if it is what you say it is

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probably realised they were missing out on bargains and wanted them. Good luck in finding some in your local store.

Had these items in Bedminster, Bristol today - 99% off at the till but staff overriding to charge the reduced price on label (e.g. dumbells reduced from £9.99 to £1).

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Got mine from large store in Sunderland (Tyne and Wear). Dont think staff realised cos i bought
x2 bottle pop (89p) and x5 sets of everlast skipping ropes and a radio for walking and came to total of £1.04 and they just took my money without checking anything. Left after that wasnt pushing my luck !!. The smaller stores seem to be catching on quicker up here.

They had some stuff in the wilkos in worthing nut like a previous post the prices were being over ridden so that you paid the price on the label but still got the pilates ring for £1 a resistance ring for 50p and some everlast aerobics bands for 50p. Not bad for £2 and wont feel quite so bad if I never get round to using them
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