Excite Truck for Wii £17.07
Excite Truck for Wii £17.07

Excite Truck for Wii £17.07

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Get Excited!
Steer by tilting the Wii Remote!
Survive huge jumps, massive air, and bone-shattering crashes!
Speed through the craziest off-road racing ever!

Same price over at ASDA, but here you can get an extra 7% off using Quidco!

Price of £17.07 with attached voucher.
Don't forget Quidco for the extra 7%!
- galgor


£17.07 delivered using code pricenew5

Good deal.

This is a fun game that my 4 year old son and hubby (as well as me) really enjoy. so great for all the family. I highly recommend!

Sweet, I've been waiting for someone to drop the price of this below £20 before I bought it.


Only racer worth looking at on the Wii at the mo.

This is no GT or Forza mind - it has about as much depth as a gaming article in the Daily Mail :-D , but what it does do, it does very, very well.

Don't expect pad or button options to steer, it's 100% accelerometers. When you start tipping the Wiimote forwards and backwards to control the pitch of your truck while flying through the air, it becomes very intuitive. The fun really starts when you earn faster trucks and buggies, and start pulling off mid-air 1080s.

And it's stupid fast when you pick up a POW or do a nice landing. Not to start a zealot war or anything, but in terms of pure speed, it makes MotorStorm™ feel like the Wacky Races with a bunch of Reliant Robins, mental fast when you get your speed up.

Well worth a punt, until the laggardly Western Devs eventually (hopefully) come up with something with a bit more substance.
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