Excite Truck Wii - £9.99 Instore at Currys

Excite Truck Wii - £9.99 Instore at Currys

Found 11th Feb 2009Made hot 11th Feb 2009
Excite Truck for the Wii was £9.99 when I went into Currys on the North Farm retail park in Tunbridge Wells this morning. Next cheapest price I can find currently is SoftUK at £19.99. So it seems like a good deal, they had about 7 copies on the shelves. Hope this helps somone out !


I rented this on Lovefilm for a couple of weeks - quite a fun game - great for a tenner.

Love this game. Completed it 101%. Bargain.

IMO this is the best game on the wii get yourself a couple of steering wheels and play your mates it gets well competitive

The funny thing about this game is that it doesn't have to be first across the finish who wins. It's the one with most stars and you get stars for "nice crashes"!
My 6-year-old whups me everytime eveb though his driving's rubbish!

This ain't flying - this is falling with style- or words to that effect!

Get it and a few competitive 'boys' and the craic's ninety!:)

Good Game........ Good Price

BRILLIANT game. Definitely the Wii game I've spent most time on. So much fun - the control system works beautifully.

I think it is a great fun game and graphics pretty good for the Wii.

Cheap as chips at this price

Really good fun game, and great price!
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