Exclusive Avatar Footage Tickets
Exclusive Avatar Footage Tickets

Exclusive Avatar Footage Tickets

Exclusive Avatar Footage Tickets
The footage went down a storm at Movie-Con II this weekend, but you can see even more of James Cameron's Avatar this Friday, dubbed Avatar Day around the world as the first footage from the film becomes available to the general public. And you can be there to see it! We have an exclusive allocation of 10% of ALL the UK's Avatar Day tickets just for Empire readers, and here's how you get your ticket.
The Screenings
All screenings take place on Friday 21 August at the following cinemas.

Location Cinema Screening 1 Screening 2 Screening 3 Screening 4
Aberdeen Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Birmingham, Broad St Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Brighton Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Bristol, Cribbs Vue 18:00 18:30
Cardiff Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Edinburgh Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Glasgow, Renfrew St Cineworld 18:00 18:30
London, IMAX Greenwich Odeon 18:00 18:30
London, IMAX Southbank BFI 10:00 13:30 18:30 19:45
London, IMAX Wimbledon Odeon 18:00 18:30
London, West End Vue 18:00 18:30
Manchester, IMAX Printworks Odeon 18:00 19:10
Sheffield Cineworld 18:00 18:30
Southampton Odeon 18:00 18:30
How To Get Your Free Tickets
To receive your free tickets log onto seefilmfirst.com and enter the reference code 380973 which will take you to a special page where you can print off your tickets to bring along with you on the night. Remember first come first served so be quick to avoid missing out.


cheers got 2 for brighton!

Is this the actual film or just footage?


Is this the actual film or just footage?

It's just a 15 minute preview, with an introduction.


It's just a 15 minute preview, with an introduction.

cool thanks

thanx got 2 for man printworks

Whats the point of watching 15 mins , all they will do is show all the best bits, like they do even when it's a 2 min trailer !!!

voted cold !

This is by the guy that brought us Teminator 2:Judgement Day! Just remember that!
& The Abyss...
Just forget that!

what a waste of time

not really a baragin to watch a clip!

apparently HMV are "giving away" a free pair of the tickets... but you need 75,000 points through their pureHMV club.. crazy!

I read about it here: london-insider.co.uk/200…le/

I've got a Cineworld Edinburgh 6:30 screening ticket to give away...First person to contact with there full name will get it

just went to watch i like it

Me too, I loved it, it could possibly eclipse District 9 as my favourite film this year if that preview is anything to go by.
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