Exercise bike £38.99
Exercise bike £38.99

Exercise bike £38.99

Adjustable seat height. Adjustable triathlon style handlebars. Self-levelling pedals with straps. 5.5kg flywheel for smooth cycling action. Robust tubular frame. Variable resistance control for progressive exercise. Training programmes. Assembled size: 72x51x125cms. DYNAMIX


Hi Shaznay.

This kind of thing is best entered as a "product" when submitting a deal, rather than a "sale".

I'll add a pic to the post as well


link isnt working!


link isnt working!

Seems to be working fine for me biggan - try searching for DYNAMIX - exercise cycle.

These are great for keeping in shape as it's such a low impact workout. A word of warning though, I have been through several of these bikes in such a short space of time. Four different models, all similar design and after an hour a day they always break down within a month and need repairing. The cause of this is the Fan Wheel design, which uses a fan belt. It doesn't last long. If possible, opt for a magnetic resistance design.
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