Existenz DVD £3.98 at Amazon & £3.99 at HMV
Existenz DVD £3.98 at Amazon & £3.99 at HMV

Existenz DVD £3.98 at Amazon & £3.99 at HMV

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Existenz DVD £3.98 at Amazon & £3.99 at HMV

Director David Cronenberg's eXistenZ is a stew of corporate espionage, virtual reality gaming, and thriller elements, marinated in Cronenberg's favourite Crock-Pot juices of technology, physiology and sexual metaphor. Jennifer Jason Leigh is game designer Allegra Geller, responsible for the new state-of-the-art eXistenZ game system; along with PR newbie Ted Pikul (Jude Law), they take the beta version of the game for a test drive and are immersed in a dangerous alternate reality. The game isn't quite like PlayStation, though; it's a latexy pod made from the guts of mutant amphibians and plugs via an umbilical cord directly into the user's spinal column (through a BioPort). It powers up through the player's own nervous system and taps into the subconscious; with several players it networks their brains together.

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Good film, but it's old and been on TV a few times now, so £4 seems a bit steep.
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