Existing BT Customers Save up to £32.38 on Annual Line Rental by Paying in Advance

Existing BT Customers Save up to £32.38 on Annual Line Rental by Paying in Advance

Found 28th May 2016
BT offer customers the option of paying an entire year's telephone line rental in advance and offer a 10% discount for doing so.

When paid monthly, line rental is £203.88 per year @ £16.99 per month
-10% (£20.38) for paying up front = £183.49 per year

This will be old news to a lot of people (and isn't a massive saving) but if you pay in advance, you'll also avoid the £1 increase to monthly line rental which comes into effect this July. So if you pay in advance in now or in June, you'll save a total of £31.38 or £32.38 resepctively.

Usage, add-ons, broadband, TV etc. will continue to be billed by direct debit, but you won't see a line rental charge for 12 months.

Log in to your account and check your billing options to see the option to do this.
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Be warned that you should try to leave for any reason when you pay in advance your not entitled to a refund on line rental
Have to agree for the little you save really bad idea especially if you have broadband or TV trying to align them becomes a nightmare
Exactly, moan about Sky all you want but I haven't had a year yet I've paid any more than 50% discount for line rental, in fact just negotiated £0 for 12 months yesterday.
I would not pay up in front
Crooks. Took 2 lots of advanced annual payments from my account a month apart. I only noticed 2 months later. Also billed me for services I had never used or subscribed to.

A nightmare to leave. Took 5 months. NEVER AGAIN
I've just left bt for sse due to them increasing the line rental. I'd paid line rental upfront so have lost 2months as they don't refund.
We purely use the broadband, we dont have a phone plugged in and don't watch the bt sport but each month I have been overcharged and had to complain. Trying to get the message through to their outsourced foreign call centres is infuriating. They are absolute crooks and I would urge you to avoid BT
Constantly having problems with bt. As much as I loath Rupert murdoch I might try sky next time
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Not worth paying line rental upfront any more unless you want to stick with them for the whole contract. And why I think this?
Almost all services providers now increase costs mid-way through the year. So when you sign up make sure you get discounts and when a price increase comes leave them. This will keep the monthly cost for services low.

Worst case scenario, the prices will not rise and you have to finish the contract at full price!
So in summary avoid at all costs - wish I stayed with sky rather than these bar stewards
"When paid monthly, line rental is £203.88 per year @ £16.99 per month"

BT Line rental is £17.99 a month currently, and is going up soon.
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