Exit (PSP) - £4.99 @ Choices!

Exit (PSP) - £4.99 @ Choices!

Found 20th Jul 2007
Combining 3D characters with cartoonish, 2D backgrounds, the game sees Mr Esc a professional escapologist fleeing all manner of emergencies.Along the way, Mr Esc must rescue other survivors and even team up with them to overcome seemingly impassable obstacles. With over 100 levels and more to be made downloadable, the player must deal with everything from earthquakes to fire to floods in tall buildings, collapsing tunnels and exploding factories.

I got this game ages ago and it's really, really good. Cna't believe it's so cheap. If you ahve a PSP you really must get this! Dont forget the %5 discount adn Quidco.


Anyone actually got theirs yet? I haven't.

Product not available

As in, back when it WAS available, bought one and waiting for it to arrive by post :P
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