Exorcism Of Emily Rose/Gothika/The Grudge (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £5.79 - BlahDVD

Exorcism Of Emily Rose/Gothika/The Grudge (3 Disc) DVD Boxset @ £5.79 - BlahDVD

Found 25th Jan 2008
This 3-disc horror anthology includes THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, GOTHIKA and THE GRUDGE.

THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE - A Catholic Priest (Tom Wilkinson) is on trial for homicidal negligence after performing a failed exorcism on Emily Rose, devout college girl (Jennifer Carpenter) now dead from assorted wounds and malnutrition. Laura Linney plays Erin Bruner, the priest's defence lawyer and, together with the chief prosecutor, argues persuasively that Emily was likely suffering from psychotic epilepsy and that she could have been saved with hospitalisation and medicine. The demonic possession unfolds in a series of spine-tingling flashbacks, during which the initially doubtful Erin is visited by evil forces, forces that threaten her own soul.

GOTHIKA - Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) is a psychiatrist who becomes a patient in her own mental hospital after she is accused of murdering her husband (Charles S. Dutton). Grey's only initial memory of the incident involves a chilling encounter with a distraught girl (Kathleen Mackey) on a rain-soaked road.

THE GRUDGE - Karen, an exchange student who agrees to cover for a nurse, unknowingly enters a Tokyo house, unaware that a dark secret lies within. The house is cursed with a violent plague that causes those individuals who enter the building to die within a fit of rage. As more and more people become victims to the curse, Karen is forced to investigate.

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