Exorcist: Recut Version DVD only £3.99 delivered + 8% Quidco!

Exorcist: Recut Version DVD only £3.99 delivered + 8% Quidco!

Found 16th Oct 2007
Director William Friedkin returned to his horror masterpiece to add extra footage and give the soundtrack a modern day remix in this updated directors cut of the possession classic. Plenty of new footage has been added into this version, so even if youve seen the original plenty of times there s lots of new scenes to discover here. The most famous peace of re-instated footage is the legendary spider walk sequence where a possessed Regan walks down the stairs upside-down on her hands and feet, resembling a spider. This sequence can been seen on the previous DVD release in the deleted scenes but is now reinstated into the film itself. Other scenes added include more tests on Regan in the hospital, lots of new subtle effects have been added as well as more sound effects and an alternative ending has been added that leaves things on a much more optimistic note.

Special Features: Audio Commentary By William Friedkin * TV Spots x 4 * Radio Spots x 2 * Trailer * Widescreen 1.85:1 * Dolby Digital 5.1EX * Dolby Digital 2.0 * Languages- English, Italian * Subtitles- English, Italian, Icelandic, Finnish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Arabic * Region 2/PAL/Colour * Running Time 127 Minutes

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