Exos 3D virtual reality glasses for smartphone £25 in store at Sainsburys

Exos 3D virtual reality glasses for smartphone £25 in store at Sainsburys

Found 8th Jun 2016
Thought I'd share this deal in store at Sainsburys Nottingham though likely national.

Reduced from £45 to £25. £37 on Amazon so pretty cool.

They get good reviews so good luck and RTG! My goodness dizzy with excitement or is it because I just tried them out for twenty minutes (feel quite sick).

Comes with google cardboard QR code to get you going. Recommend a non virtual bucket to throw up in! Safety instructions are fab.

"Not a toy, not for under 13s, may cause seizures, dizziness, effects can last for hours, don't drive or use machinery after use until you are safe, may cause loss of balance, enjoy ...."

Works well and would say worth money to sample VR.

Vote me as hot as a VR volcano!
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Probably national, as I saw them in Sainsburys Telford too at lunchtime
is this compatible with OnePlus One?
Thanks, heat added

is this compatible with OnePlus One?

​Upto 6" displays so yes it supports, but how would you navigate in apps?
Got a copy of this of eBay for less. I actually have it up on fs/ft atm.

The nose piece is a tad uncomfortable, if it's identical to what I have, there's no padding on the cheek and nose.

I upgraded to a gear vr for the better experience. Does make me a tad sick but it's a cool experience.
Barftastic! Good fun if you can cope with the motion sickness and dizziness (I can't so I'll avoid!)
Crikey what a rip, got these exact same ones for a fiver from B&M bargains!
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