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Posted 6 August 2023

Expanse Season 1-3 Blu Ray (Free Click & Collect)

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Quite a captivating series at an excellent price for anyone who doesn't have Prime

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All the episodes from the first three seasons of the sci-fi television drama set 200 years in the future where human civilisation has expanded into the solar system. When a young woman goes missing, it is up to a tough detective and an unscrupulous ship's captain to get to the bottom of the case. The answer, might just lead them to a massive revelation about their society as a whole. Season 1 episodes are: 'Dulcinea', 'The Big Empty', 'Remember the Cant', 'CQB', 'Back to the Butcher', 'Rock Bottom', 'Windmills', 'Salvage', 'Critical Mass' and 'Leviathan Wakes'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Safe', 'Doors & Corners', 'Static', 'Godspeed', 'Home', 'Paradigm Shift', 'The Seventh Man', 'Pyre', 'The Weeping Somnambulist', 'Cascade', 'Here There Be Dragons', 'The Monster and the Rocket' and 'Caliban's War'. Season 3 episodes are: 'Fight Or Flight', 'IFF', 'Assured Destruction', 'Reload', 'Triple Point', 'Immolation', 'Delta-V', 'It Reaches Out', 'Intransigence', 'Dandelion Sky', 'Fallen World', 'Congregation' and 'Abaddon's Gate'.
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  1. dogsballs's avatar
    I thought this show was brilliant but the ending was a bit strange as if there would be another series coming along
    HotDan's avatar
    I thought the ending was brilliant but I know what you mean. There's another 3 books after the ending so they left it so that it could be picked back up, but given the lack of audience it's unlikely that will happen any time soon.
  2. mooglamachuck's avatar
    I need a 4K boxset of the entire series.
  3. iWish's avatar
    The production quality went up when amazon took over
    JimDiGriz's avatar
    Yeah but the story got worse...
  4. michael.laing's avatar
    A bit slow to begin with but worth the effort. One of the greatest SF TV series of all time. For me better then the re-imagined BSG, just because the interactions feel less forced.
  5. HotDan's avatar
    Up there with the BSG remake as the greatest sci fi show ever. Shame it's not all on Blu Ray outside of a few countries, but it will be once Amazon's rights expire in a few years. This is a good price though, heat.
    ataritheone's avatar
    I am not sure If the Amazon rights will expire there
  6. Yukes's avatar
    Takes a little while to get into it, and the initial worldbuilding is a little overwhelming, but once you do it's utterly engrossing. Shame the whole thing isn't on blu ray.
    Mebster's avatar
    The 'worldbuilding' really was overwhelming but at the same time I really wanted to understand it all. Which is why I watched the first 3 seasons 3 times before continuing.

    Love that you described the process as worldbuilding - that's new too me.
  7. bigry's avatar
    Just a shame the last series dipped in quality and they left a few plot lines unfinished 
    popolou's avatar
    I know what you mean. Stunning sci-fi but Perhaps the only I know of which brings in an arc on extra terrestrial intelligence yet which doesn’t fully get in on it.
  8. hab92's avatar
    Nice deal, beratna.
  9. Hazzsta's avatar
    Near perfect is right. The last season and ending was trash like it came from completely different writers and left plot points it spent time building unresolved. Unfortunately that stains the whole series for me. Spending time watching whose multi season shows is a complete waste of time these days. (edited)
    noobnoob's avatar
    I decided to start reading the books that follow on from the end of the TV series. Really good. Stopping the TV series where they did was a shame but hey ho
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