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Surface 3 Type Cover Red £49.99 + 5.99 delivery Expansys or Amazon
Found 20th Sep 2016Found 20th Sep 2016
Good price for a new Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover. Also listed for sale by Expansys on Amazon - delivery actually slightly cheaper @5.88: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0… Read more

Burger! Just paid £85 from Misco, thinking that was a deal. Oh well.


Your guess is as good as mine. Problems with Expansys? Microsoft? The colour? Must be available for peanuts somewhere else.. would be great to know where as price tends to be £90+ on all sites I've found However, looks like number in stock has fallen so seems there have been a few takers at this price


i dont get why it's downvoted

LG G5 - Gold - Sim Free - 399.99 @ Exspansys
Found 21st Aug 2016Found 21st Aug 2016
LG G5 - Gold - Sim Free - 399.99 @ Exspansys Great phone. This is new and sim free. The 5.3-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad HD IPS Quantum DisplayLG's First Modular Type SmartphoneThe 3 c… Read more
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eGlobal send phones from HK or somewhere outside the EU so it's not their fault that can't accept your device in the UK. I've had a bad experience with LG before but this is not something you can blame them for.


Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. Sorry for delayed response. Unfortunately we are experiencing technical issues  and this has caused a build up in processing handsets for repair. Please be reassured we are working to resolve this issue. Kind regards Customer services SBE LTD UK But hey? It isn't my problem. Anyone has a tip what can I do? Or how long do I have to wait? I just can't find any information about LG repair policy.


Yes your freezer tip is 100% correct as i have done the same. My G4 was purchased from eglobal so LG UK didn't even accepted my mobile under UK warranty repair and then i had to go through eglobal which took me 6 weeks to get it repaired as they sent it back to HK to do so.


​ Problem that LG has is that the bootloop fix is a replacement motherboard. Arranging for the new part to be manufactured and distributed in sufficient numbers can be a relatively slow process. The LG5 is a good phone and a worthy replacement but i don't want one if the LG customer service is so poor. Incidentally, for anyone who has the bootloop problem, try placing the G4 in the freezer. Weird as it sounds the phone powered up just long enough for me to remove personal data.


Snap. My G4 recently got the boot loop error after ten months. Spent four days trying to get through to customer services and still haven't managed it. Promised call back not happened, emails not answered, on line fault reporting ignored etc. Never known such poor service from a so called premium brand.

Alcatel Pixi 3 10" tablet and keyboard was £109.99 now £79.99 @ expansys
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
With the Alcatel Pixi 3 10 inch you have a device that is great for work and personal life with a keyboard and case that gives you both a laptop and tablet functionality. In additi… Read more

They crap I had one took back 2 days later you can't transfer apps to SD


Doh! wrong tablet thread lol


Cover is for the 7" one touch tab.....this 10" will not fit


One look at the trustpilot reviews of the site was enough to put me off.


16p cover http://www.expansys.com/google-expansys-universal-sleeve-for-alcatel-onetouch-tab-gray-272943/ Was 13p earlier

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IPhone 6 Plus 16GB at Expansys for £459
Found 26th Feb 2016Found 26th Feb 2016
Seems to be a good price Appreciate 16GB is not for everyone and neither are Apple, but for those that are interested hope this helps

At least you admit you're a muppet who votes without thinking.


i cant believe we have an apple thread with little to no ridiculous fanboy nonsense lol.it drives me mad when your quoted ex amount of hard drive,only two find out its not at all.its should be the quoted amount of space AFTER everything has been installed.i wouldnt say this was a great deal,and thats only because of the hard drive size to be honest.but it doesnt deserve to go sub zero.voted hot.


I have an iPhone 6S (though I really want a nexus 6P) and although I see your point, I can't fathom why people would drop equivalent amounts to an iPhone on android flagships that are barely supported for 12 months. The Galaxy S6 is only just seeing Marshmallow OTAs now, around 4 months after it was pushed. That will probably be their last update. Meanwhile the iPhone 4S is still being updated 4.5 years after its release. I realise there are pros and cons to each OS but you can't deny that most OEMs grudge supporting anything that isn't their latest flagship. May I ask what your phone of choice is, as an android nut?


16GB iOS device potentially one of the worst decisions you'll make with a piece of technology.


You end up with about 12gb. I stream from Spotify and Netflix and have my photos in the cloud as well so I don't often hit the storage limit but for a big phone you could (almost) use as a tablet 16gb isn't a lot.

Motorola Moto X Style (White) 5.7" inch £289.99 from Expansys.com
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
Technical Details System: Android 5.1 Lollipop Processor: 1.8 GHz / Hexa Core / Qualcomm MSM8992 - Snapdragon™ 808 / GPU: Adreno 418 Memory: Internal: 32 GB / RAM: 3 GB / Slot typ… Read more
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It doesn't have finger print scanner...lenovo vibe x3 however does have it and all the rest...


In regards to the NFC query.


Have this phone myself. It's fantastic. Just make sure you get a battery pack as the life isn't great.


I have one and confirm it has nfc

Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen 4G - £99.99 at Expansys
Found 11th Feb 2016Found 11th Feb 2016
A great smartphone shouldn't be a privilege: it should be a choice. Moto G offers a brilliant 5" HD display, an all-day battery, the latest Android OS, and quad-core speed--all at … Read more
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£89 at tesco


wow that went cold fast, seeing the rate cold deals appear on hukd I might aswell try an "experiment" to see how cold a deal would go, probably try it when the gold iphone 7 releases


Agree. This phone should be priced much lower by now. It was only £120-£130 when it was released almost a year ago.


Front (selfie camera) is shocking till the 3rd gen, don't buy one of these for your kids if they use Snapchat etc as they will not be happy! Otherwise a nice phone to use, begs for more ram though and at 100£ I'm sure you could source a better handset somewhere else.


There isn't much difference to be honest. The 3rd gen has a few plus points: Better processor, Better cameras (main and front facing), water resistant (splash proof), Moto Active Display. However, it doesn't have the 2nd gens' stereo speakers, gyroscope (useful for VR), or notification LED.

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Lumia 950 Black/White from Expansys for only £379.99
Found 2nd Feb 2016Found 2nd Feb 2016
I have this phone and although a bit unstable at times it is excellent, and of course the best Windows Mobile phone you can buy (along with the XL). Released at £430 it's already d… Read more
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Which camera do you have? Living images were dropped from many Lumia phones including 735. I'm delighted they retained it for yours but it doesn't help me much.


Nope. The app actually says it's going away but will be retaining features from Lumia Camera. Just this very second I checked this was the case. Still have live pictures.


Depends on which Lumia - some work some don't. Mine doesn't.


It is possible to pay just £5 more on Ebay and get a brand new unit. Myself, I'm waiting until I can pick one up for £250, then I'll be ditching my L930 for the 950.

NEXUS 9 Magic Cover £10.39 Delivered @ expansys
Found 25th Jan 2016Found 25th Jan 2016
Nexus 9 official magic cover for less that a fiver delivered. Colours include Black, Mint Indigo and Lime Stone Not a bad price considering Google Play charge £35!
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no value at any price. thing is next to useless as both a stand and a cover.


These aren't the best in my opinion, they can easily fall off when in use, I find. As a cover, they are really good, but somewhat lacking as a stand. Great price though!


I've only just picked one of these up - for about £12 from an ebay seller. My views: If you're the kind of person who likes fairly high percentage protection of your device - you dont want marks or scratches on the back or side and are extremely protective of the glass - then don't go near this thing. If you like the idea of naked, light, as-the-makers-intended device and you try to have minimal protection on your phones and tablets but also like the idea of having a kind-of-reliable standing mechanism close to hand then give this a shot i reckon. i hate bulky cases that increase the size/weight of things by much - i always dump them after i realise i enjoyed the device more before i had the case. so i really like this case but the magnets aren't strong enough imo - mine is from nov 2014


Actually that's incorrect. Delivery is not free for less than £100 spend. Final price inc del is £11.39


Works fine for me, i remember reading some saying the magnets were not strong enough to form the stand, but that it had been resolved on newer versions of the nexus 9.

Microsoft Surface Pro Docking Station £139.99 at Expansys
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
Still a ridiculous price for what essentially gives you 4 x USB 3.0 ports and 2 x Mini-Displayports. But it does add another dimension of flexibility to the already very good Surf… Read more

​sorry but can you direct me to what you actually brought ? what make and model for the USB ports and gigabit adapter combined?


I spent £20 on 6 usb3.0 with a gigabit adapter. then I got the widi adapter for £26. much better value.


133 at misco :p


But still grossly overpriced.


cheeper than I have seen it before.

Asus Zen Watch, reduced at Expansys + £5 delivery
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
A genuine stitched-leather watchband provides all-day comfort and has a unique clasp design that makes ASUS ZenWatch easy to put on and remove in an instant. The curved case and c… Read more

I wouldnt touch Expansys with the Eiffel Tower never mind a barge pole.


Avoid Expansys at all cost, even if it costs you a few quids more somewhere else. post-sales they do not want to know you. Even the manufacturers customer support staff tell me they are awful !!




Spend a little more and get the zenwatch 2 from Amazon Germany. Very good watch


http://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-90NZ0011-M00110-ZenWatch-Smart-Watch/dp/B00RQ17JC8 Free delivery.

Google Nexus 6 (64GB, Midnight Blue) - Expansys.com UK
Found 29th Dec 2015Found 29th Dec 2015
64GB Nexus 6 SIM Free and brand new, seems like a good deal if you need the extra storage (which I do) and would like to be on the latest Android Version for the next couple of yea… Read more

Well paulb77 whatever that update problem is/was... it happened to me on the phone I ordered from Motorola UK. Real pity. Returning for a refund :(


Avoid Expansys at all cost, even if it costs you a few quids more somewhere else. post-sales they do not want to know you. Even the manufacturers customer support staff tell me they are awful !!


Testing please ignore...


I ordered the Nexus 6 Midnight Blue 64GB model early yesterday and, after buying it on the Motorola UK website, I got confirmation and info on the delivery via DHL from China. Right now it's probably in the air winging it's way to the UK. Hopefully it will come with a UK plug and UK firmware/software. If it's not I will cancel and return it pronto as, buying from the UK Morotola site, it ought to be for the UK market! #CrossingFingers Looks like it's currently out of stock again. http://www.motorola.co.uk/consumers/View-all-Mobile-Phones-uk/Nexus-6-by-Motorola/nexus-6-uk.html


ordered from Motorola website early this week, was told yesterday out of stock and order cancelled. ordered from expansys instead, said dispatched today, finger crossed

Asus ZenWatch - £99.99 @ Expansys
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
A genuine stitched-leather watchband provides all-day comfort and has a unique clasp design that makes ASUS ZenWatch easy to put on and remove in an instant. The curved case and c… Read more

Avoid eXpansys, their after care service is zero.Their prices are no cheaper than other places. If the device has any fault you are on your own. eXpansys just dont care about any issues and dont want to know. Avoid eXpansys and pay a few pounds more.


i prefer pebble watch for more then half price due they are superb with battery life and after last fw update they're great with lots of geek app anyway voted hot


I think the smartwatch is just bs , How lazy do you need to possibly get before you have robots trained to wipe your own ass. The thing as well is most of these products are aimed at people who already have the knowledge of current tech and trends etc which means they most likely already own a pc , Mobile , Tablet , Watch , Possibly GPS in a vehicle , I mean how many devices do you need? The reason this annoys me is because it takes away the human element of just asking others for info and help and totally becoming self absorbed and reliant on technology as the all seeking answer .


I have the Zenwatch 2, paid £127 delivered from Amazon Germany. It is quite large on the wrist and I am still struggling with Android Wear after coming from a Pebble... In fact I am currently wearing the pebble instead due to the simplicity of the operating system. Battery life on the Zenwatch 2 was pretty awful, but apparently it does improve on use.


Haven't looked at the watches side by side, I wouldn't agree. They share the same processor, RAM and storage. The Sony watch looks more like a sporty watch and has some cool extra features such as GPS etc. But I already have a Garmin running watch and wanted something that looked better on a day to day basis. Each to their own I guess :)

LG G Flex 2 16GB @ Expansys UK - £199.99
Found 16th Dec 2015Found 16th Dec 2015
Good price.. best yet direct from a reputable retailer! 100+ In Stock and free delivery option too. Expansys UK are reliable enough to purchase from so no worries there.. better … Read more

My experience with Expansys is good. I bought a Samsung tablet, within 12 months the screen failed. Lines vertically showing on boot. I rang Expansys and was given a returns number while they investigated. I had to wait 2 months to get it back but they did a great job and told me the the likely time it would take. If they do it for a cheap tablet worth less than £50 they would repair or replace a phone - provided you are prepared to wait.


Avoid eXpansys, their after care service is zero and simply dont care.Their prices are no cheaper than other places. If the device has any fault you are on your own and tell you to manufacturer. No refund, no replacement. Terrible customer service from eXpansys. Simply avoid eXpansys and go somewhere else for a couple of pounds more


I agree, if you can get one that is! 8) If you're not so lucky, this is still hot. :)


Cold. LG G4 only a few pounds more.


I agree, even though its still a plastic phone, it looks great and site in the hand so nicely. Weighted beautifully also.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, £45.39 inc post @ Expansys
Found 12th Dec 2015Found 12th Dec 2015
Was looking for a device to connect a lumia phone to the TV via miracast. This seems to be it. Quite a bit cheaper than other outlets which are £45 - £59.99 + post

Buy an android box for £40 get miracast + loads more


I don't think many TVs support miracast natively, this adapter allows phones, tablets etc to connect to theTV wirelessly. Mine works flawlessly for adding a second screen or for mirroring.


Can it not be done wirelessly?

LG G Flex2 (16GB, Titan Silver) £200.99 @ Expansys
Found 11th Dec 2015Found 11th Dec 2015
I've opted for this over the LG G3 or anything on a similar level. Hope it helps someone out too! Potential 3.5% cashback from Quidco or 3.67% from TCB. System: Android 5.0 Loll… Read more

Avoid eXpansys at any cost. Their prices are no cheaper than other places, but their after care service is zero. If the device has any fault you are on your own. Avoid eXpansys and pay a few pounds more.


Mine has just arrived. Very pleased after all of the updates have gone through. Hopefully the honeymoon lasts! It's lovely looking too - I thought it was going to be weird with the curve. If you haven't bitten on this, the LG G4 is now at £235 instore with Vodafone. Both cracking phones with the G4 also a bargain at that price.


Just got the X Play which I quickly had a look at before it was confiscated for Xmas. Looks to be barely bigger than my Moto G second gen.


its not huge.its far smaller than iphone 6 plus yes same screen size.its one of the smallest 5.5 phones going and far smaller than the su6 my son has.think only the g3 compares to it.dont know of any snaller 5.5 phones.and the htc m9 with a five inch screen is as big.so saying huge is silly.also the phone curves when in your pocket so feels smaller.


Yeah, its HUGE. Even bigger than the G3. Not for me irrespective of price.

Nexus 9 32 GB with Magic Cover and Refurbished Chromecast £269.99 @ Expansys
Found 4th Dec 2015Found 4th Dec 2015
Seems like a nice deal. They say we may get EU version tablet, guess that is not that bad as warranty is valid in UK. Hope someone like this. Can pay with paypal and 3.53% Topcashb… Read more

seems a great deal for a new 32gb, Eu? won't be any different will it apart from the plug?


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nexus-9-32gb-sand-with-refurbished-v-1-chromecast-magic-cover-for-269-99-expansys-2335839 Already posted


Magic cover AND refurbished (!) Chromecast (1) . Wow! (_;)

Nexus 9 32GB in sand with refurbished v.1 Chromecast and magic cover for £269.99 @ Expansys
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Website description the cover but it is pictured and included in there marketing material.
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Didn't get to choose, I'm guessing it's what they have available at the time.


Did you get a choice of free case colour or did they just ship you any colour they had?


Thanks for the feedback. It's interesting to know that they never got round to fixing that issue but at least it's not as bad as some reviews made it out to be.


Can't say at the moment as it is a present for someone else. I got one for myself yesterday, manufactured 2nd Dec 14, small amount of light bleed along the bottom edge but nothing to warrant returning it over. Only visible on a black screen.


​Hey thanks for that. Any hardware issues?

Motorola Moto 360 === NEW === Black Friday CLEARANCE === £74.99 @ Expansys (FREE DELIVERY)
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
USE CODE " 50CLEAR " FOR 50% OFF ------------------------------------------------------- FANTASTIC OFFER == BE QUICK Motorola Moto 360 1st GEN Version: Black Chrome + Black Meta… Read more

Still pestering me to cancel the order and they will give me a £10 voucher. Just emailed them to cancel and not bother with the voucher, as i will never be 'attempting' to buy from them again!!


Same here. Wonder if anyone actually got one


Same here :( They tried to tell me that the stock system doesn't know how many items they have in stock!! It really is quite simple, warehouse has say 10 in stock, website should only allow 10 to be sold!! I told him to invest in a better stock system which is tied to the website, just like 99% of online companies. Why should I have to call them to check on an order!! I'm sure he didn't care, just going through the motions. He offered me a £5 voucher by way of apology. I said not to bother as I wouldn't be ordering from them again, I'll stick to Amazon. And breathe X)


Spoke to their customer services team yesterday after not hearing anything from them or them replying to my emails. Was told Item is discontinued and will not be getting any more stock and i am free to cancel my order and get a refund! Shocking customer service.


​still waiting for my order to be processed. I was very early to order with card. may call them