Expendables Steelbook ( blu ray & DVD) £8.99 @ Play.com

Expendables Steelbook ( blu ray & DVD) £8.99 @ Play.com

Found 30th Nov 2011
A bargain for all those who love steelbooks!

Stallone's macho blockbuster receives the treatment it deserves in this 3-disc 'bullet-proof' steelbook edition. Boasting an army of special features, including an exclusive feature-length documentary, this armour-plated collector's edition is the perfect gift for fans of '80s action films.
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love this film. worth every penny. pure 80s action flick!
Cool, have purchased. The Church scene with three heavy weights is pure magic. I'm hoping Willis and Arnie will have much increased screentime in Expendables 2
Amazon have pricematched, so I bought from them, but thanks for the heads up!
amazon 1 to 3 weeks delivery ! ordered from play.com hot hot hot
ordered .. ive got it already on standard blu-ray .. but wanted this .. so my mates having mine as an xmas present
why does Jet Li look like a woman in that poster?

Thats not Li but an not sure why they are trying to contaminate the film with estrogen.


why does Jet Li look like a woman in that poster?

Dear God as if the first installment wasn't bad enough, some people need to know when to stop!
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