Experience The Taste Of America @ Lidl Thurs 10th - Wed 16th February

Experience The Taste Of America @ Lidl Thurs 10th - Wed 16th February

Found 8th Feb 2011
The Brand All The Way Through The Listing Is McKennedy

Chicken Dippers With Spicy Dip 500g £2.49
6 Hotdogs 550g Jar £1.29
Rib Burger With BBQ Sauce 190g 99p
American Style Pizza Hawaiin 460g or Supreme 450g 99p
American Style Mustard 320ml 69p
Hamburger Sauce 450ml 99p
American Style Microwave Snacks 2 Hotdogs, 2 Cheeseburgers or 2 Hamburgers 2 x 140g £1.49
Popcorn Prawns With Sweet Chilli Sauce 230g £2.29
Crispy Bites Various Varieties 150g £1.29
Honey Roasted Almonds 150g Tin £1.49
Pancake Mix 200g 79p
12 Muffin Mix Blueberry, Chocolate or Classic 89p
American Style Cookies Apple or Brownie 225g 79p
American Style Sauce Sandwich Sauce, Hotdog Ketchup or BBQ Ketchup 500ml 99p
4 Bagels Various Varieties 340g 59p
American Style Crisps Various Varieties 200g £1.19
Crinkle Cut BBQ Crisps 200g £1.19
Salted Microwave Popcorn 3 x 100g 89p
Marshmallows 300g 99p
The Big Apple Pie 700g £1.49

Harvey Basket Baked Potatoes With A Seasoned Creamy Filling & Herbs 650g £1.49
Kania Hot Tomato Ketchup 500ml 69p
Disney Mickey Mouse Cup Cake Kit 180g
Floralys American Style Napkins 33 x 33cms 30 Pack 99p


That's not a deal, its just a pile of cheap junk food

Thanks for taking the time to post

eat **** and die?

One thing they dont have here is Jalapeno's. They do big jars when the aldi deals go on sale. Large jars for 69p

That food all sounds really bad

A a fairly regular Lidl customer, I won't be shopping there for any of this crap - Pretty disappointed with them to be honest.

Hope it's not a sign of more of it to come :-(
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