Found 3rd Jan 2009Made hot 4th Jan 2009


I get that that too, the 16 piece set drops to £5 if you order both.

Heat added, although the look of that dinner service just isn't my cup of tea (see what i did there!), so i won't be buying it

Its giving you the £4.89 off each item (as a guess)

cheers for that, reserved them and will have a try tommorow

Thanks a million for the tip...I've reserved on for my daughter who is moving into her own place in March...

Hot from me. not something i would buy but well cheap if you haven't got anything....

great find, heat added

Good Luck all! Depends on the staff, similar to the 2 wii Games for under £10, at Southend they wouldn't put down the price for that, so won't try this, but looks good if you can get away with it!



Says my total is £15.32 (even at checkout)


Good find, not something i would buy with this pattern, but still

Looks like everybody has got redcurrents with their tea!

Its actually a lovely dinner service. Wish I had known about the glitch when I bought mine a few days ago!

Looks good and the basket amended price to £15.32. Tried to reserve, but no stock of both items in the Swansea area.:x

I think thats one of those items that looks nicer in the flesh,in the right setting would look very good.:thumbsup:

Added mine for collection. Tea set out of stock but dinner set coming up at £5.53.
Bargain. Will see when I collect.

Got both this morning for £15.32. To get this deal one has to reserve online otherwise instore it won't work!
I recomend you call Argos and confirm your reservation and ask them to call the store for you to confirm this price. If you don't confirm this you might have to prepare for a discussion with the store manager.
When I was paying it wasn't the price it was reserved with! I had to ask the till staff to ask their manager for the discounted price (best to take a hard copy of the reservation email as well).

Good luck!

sorry but it's hideous!

got mine, no problem in leatherhead store, brought as a gift and is very nice, a bargain thankyou


sorry but it's hideous!

Its not everyones taste but I like it

Got my dinner service this morning for £5.53.
Tea service out of stock.
Argos said it was mistake but they would sort it out.:w00t:
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