*EXPIRED * Bench - Women's - Silver Plated Pink Pendant £4 delivered! £17.60 on Amazon!

*EXPIRED * Bench - Women's - Silver Plated Pink Pendant £4 delivered! £17.60 on Amazon!

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Use voucher CLTHESHW89 for this price, it's a nice present for younger girls in the family, teenagers etc. etc.
£17.60 on Amazon originally that on play too!


Thanks, no idea why this is voted COLD - found this a lot lately people voting cold just because they don't like it! - HOT from me

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I have no idea either £4 when it's selling for £17.99, maybe not to everyones taste, but it's still a good price!

good price! hot!


gone to £5 now

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gone to £5 now

It's is £5, you need to use the quoted 20% off voucher in the post

lol didn't notice that, sorry.

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lol didn't notice that, sorry.

No worries ;-)

And don't forget Quidco too!

Just ordered one thanks op xxx

Just ordered one for my sis! thanks!

May be being stupid but when i click on deal it won't let me buy it!! help!!

This is gone. I just called up Play on a different matter and was told that it's now unavailable.

Thanks for your reply

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Yes it's definately sold out now.

I recieved my items today but they were the wrong ones. I received 2 tacky bracelets instead! I contacted customer services and the lady I spoke to was most unhelpful! Did anyone else receive the wrong item?



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Hiya, no I got the item today, it was the correct item, it's really nice too. Well the 12 year old it was a present for loved it. Must be some kind of problem at the PLAY end, what did they say?

The lady I dealt with was so unhelpful that I asked to speak to her manager. She put me on hold and then came back and said there was a queue of 92 people for the manager and would I like to join it? I asked if she could get the manager to give me a call back. She said yes and took my details. Suprise, Suprise no call back! Quite dissapointing really as I order alot from play and have never had a problem before. I will call again and see what can be done. xxx

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What a cheeky so and so, yes defiantley call them back. It is a shame as you say quite unlike PLAY. Maybe it's some Christmas temps or something?

I was on the phone for over an hour and spoke to 3 people eventually being told that I couldn't speak to anyone higher! I am very dissapointed with the shocking service I have received and will be sending an email of complaint.
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