Expired: Bosch PMF 180E Multifunctional Allrounder - £49 @ Amazon

Expired: Bosch PMF 180E Multifunctional Allrounder - £49 @ Amazon

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Dispatched from and sold by Amazon, not a market seller. Usually around £60-65 price mark, which is also good price for this tool. At £49 I could not resist...

Product Features
- Powerful for all DIY applications - cuts, saws and sands
- Stepless electronics for variable speed of 15,000-21,000rpm
- Universal screw that allows all kind of accessories to be attached
- Dust extraction access for vacuum cleaner gives a clean, dust free work area
- Small tool body and ergonomic soft grip for optimal handling and control of the tool

Technical Details
- Powerful 180 watt motor ensures a sustained performance
- 15,000-21,000 variable oscillations per minute at 2.8 angular degrees allow for precise working without any kick-backs


Good price - This is such a useful tool. Blades don't last long and cost a lot, but it has been invaluable on a few occasions and for that it is worth every penny.

Sander is pretty good too - for some reason the paper doesn't clog up like on low speed sanders.

really handy tool to have around

good for this price! there are a few types of these tools around, everyone seems to be making them now. i dont think any of them yet match the original Fein but then this is around 1/4 of the price

as mentioned above the blades dont last long tho, ive used a dremel to cut teeth into the blades and then heated the teeth up with a plumbing torch till blue and then into water to harden them up

the blades seem to be the printer cartridges of the tool world. really over priced for what they are, hope to see some appear on ebay at a good price

I am sure I have one of these, cost me almost twice the price, good deal!

with regards to the blades i buy mine from ebay and i don't bother getting the bosch ones as they are over priced and don't last any longer than the cheaper ones, i tend to buy the saxton blades as they work out at about £3 a blade when brought in packs of 10

I always like a universal screw

now out of stock @ amazon

Thanks for the recommend illy re the Saxton blades. I had a look at them elsewhere but wasn't sure whether they would be VFM. I'm going to buy some soon on your recommendation.

I bought my multi-tool from Aldi, about 300/350 watts and have been pretty impressed with it. Probably now an essential for my tool kit. Cost about half the price of the Bosch and about a fifth of the Fein. Only problem is if I needed any spare parts but considering what you get charged for many electrical spares for both white and brown goods it often doesn't make economic sense anyway. Use and dispose, and so much for the environment.

Aldi have since done a cordless one but I wasn't tempted. I am not sure whether Lidl have done anything like it.

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Back to stock now, same price!
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