EXPIRED: Firstline  42" Plasma TV with Stand and Speakers + Free DVD recorder  -  £610.49 or less de

EXPIRED: Firstline 42" Plasma TV with Stand and Speakers + Free DVD recorder - £610.49 or less de

£610.49Ebuyer Deals
Found 5th Aug 2006
This is a weekend only deal from Ebuyer.com

Firstline 42" Plasma TV with Stand and Speakers + FREE Cello DR810 DVD Recorder for £610.49 or less delivered !

Go through Quidco for 1.5% cashback. Choose the bundle deal to get the Free DVD recorder and cheaper price than the TV alone (Thanks to waj1234 for pointing this).

Specifications: Panel made by Samsung SDI V3, 42 inch(106cm) diagonal 16:9, TV RF System: DK/I/BG/L/L', TV Colour System:RF: PAL SECAM AV: PAL/NTSC/SECAM, Channel Coverage:200, TXT:10 Pages For European Languages, Stereo/AV:NICAM A2/SCART, TUNER:Built-in Tuner Volatage synchronized, Audio / Speakers:20 Watts(2~10W), Voltage:120V-240V 50/60Hz 3-prong polarized plug, AV input:1 AV Input; 1 S-terminal input; 1 Y Cb Cr/Y Pb Pr mux input, Graphic input:1 analog RGB D-SUB 15pin input, Audio input:1 AV audio; 1 PC audio, OSD:English German French Spanish Italian, Pixel Pitch:Horizontal 1.095 x Vertical 1.110 mm, Display Pixels:Horizontal 852 x Vertical 480 Pixels(1Pixel=1 R,G,B cells), Pixel Pitch (mm):0.297 x 0.297, Pixel Type:R,G,B Stripe, Effective Display Size:Horizontal 932.94 mm x Vertical 532.8 mm [36.73 inch(H) x 20.98 inch(V)], Number of Colors:16.77 milion colors, Peak Brightness:Typical 1000 cd/‡u , Contrast Ratio(in dark room):Typical 3000:1, Viewing Angle:Over 160, Power Consumption (W):420W
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Amazing deal, but be aware that this does not have an HDMI connection and is therefore NOT HD Ready.

Thanks ct_jake

I dont know much about the techie bits; thanks for clarifying :wink:

Amazing deal, but be aware that this does not have an HDMI connection and … Amazing deal, but be aware that this does not have an HDMI connection and is therefore NOT HD Ready.CJ

To be fair, it looks like this TV will take an HD signal via component video.

OK you will not get the full impact of HDTV, but it should be better that SD.

In short it can cope (process) an HDTV signal.

Apparantly the box says HD Ready, but maybe t should be described as HC Compatable.

Having said that its still a great price for a plasma screen :-D
BTW forgot to say - read the reviews on ebuyers site for this TV, there is quite alot of info about its HD compatability


BTW forgot to say - read the reviews on ebuyers site for this TV, there … BTW forgot to say - read the reviews on ebuyers site for this TV, there is quite alot of info about its HD compatabilityEliTom

If you scroll down and add the cello dvd recorder for free in the bundle deals you get it for £610.49 inc supersaver delivery.

Seems a good deal too. Don't know why it is cheaper with a free dvd recorder though!

Wow !

Thanks for the pointer waj1234 :thumbsup:

Free DVD recorder is through code YBKM68JT5 which is apllied automatically. This is the first time I have seen a ebuyer code :wink:
[quote=edi]Wow !

Thanks for the pointer waj1234 :thumbsup:

No worries. Shame i do not need one as would have got one. Though it may go in the conservatory to replace the 24 inch crt! I have a panasonic 42 inch which was a grand more than this one and the spec is similar and better in some cases than that one but same resolution. Hd ready is not that important for most for a long while especially if just using freeview. Though through the vga dsub connection a media centre pc with tv tuner looks amazing compared to scart setup.

Excellent deal Nice find edi and waj1234!
Just to warn you, this is not an HDTV. It only has an 852x480 panel. You need at least 1280x720 pixels to display 720P which is the lowest HDTV standard.
It's still a great price for something like this though... Voted :thumbsup:

Just to warn you, this is not an HDTV. It only has an 852x480 panel. You … Just to warn you, this is not an HDTV. It only has an 852x480 panel. You need at least 1280x720 pixels to display 720P which is the lowest HDTV standard.

I do not think that is an issue with such a cheap plasma. And for most it not being hd ready will not be a problem.

I for one have the same res as this and standard sd dvds look amazing and sfreeview is good too when the kick out a decent signal.

If you want a cheap plasma that gives good pics on a normal dvd player and freeview or sd sky digital it will be more than good enough. Plus it will still give a better picture than most of the sub 700 quid lcd offerings as they handle moving images much better.

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Ordered... figured that by the time full HD becomes a little more cost effective all round I can off-load this puppy for £400 or so and get a 50" HD.

In the meantime... pass the popcorn!
Welcome to Hukd's shill ... glad you got a bargain! :-D
Thanks for this edi - great deal and thanks for the xtra info waj1234 :thumbsup:

"Shipping to UK mainland only"

sat and dwelled over it for half an hour....will I....won't I.....press the button then discover they won't send it to me...!!!!
this looks very much like the TV that was sold under the Tiny brand with mixed reviews, and high failure rate though definitely a bargain more investigation should be done before ordering.
Hi all

First time post here!
Have been noticing the deals here and it's very good, I may post some from myself soon!

Regarding this Television manufacturer, does anyone know the website ?

Many thanks for your help! You guys are doing great!

Hi esimple

Welcome to HUKD !

Glad to know that you are pleased with the posts in the forum and looking forward to yours soon. :wink:
Looks like it's gone...
Thanks for letting us know shauney

Looks like it's gone...

shows 16 in stock
Seems like this deal was too hot for ebuyer to handle.After ordering the plasma plus dvd recorder bundle and a glass stand i,ve just been informed by e mail that my order has been cancelled.I,ve also been invited to reorder the items but surprise surprise the prices have all increased since yesterday.Well done ebuyer!!!
[SIZE=2]Thanks for the feedback rayvon53 :wink: [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Welcome to HUKD [/SIZE]
Thanks edi.
Thought the offer was a bit too good to be true.Methinks I wont be the only one to miss out as there were 61 left in stock when I ordered.Have sent them a nice enote but dont expect much feedback from it.:(

shows 16 in stock

14 of the screens only (no bundle) at £599

[LEFT]That's a shame Someone messed up the bundle price I guess :roll: One of those deals you have to accept as a "might have been"[/LEFT]

[LEFT][SIZE=2]Next best for this is:[/SIZE][/LEFT]


[*][LEFT]£599.95 inc VAT[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]quickfind code: 96187[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]14 in stock. Usually ships same day firstline website[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]manufacturer #: FS4211HI[/LEFT]

[COLOR=#0000ff]86 customer reviews[/COLOR]

As shauney points out

I'm gutted and a little peeved they cancelled my order too
i am gonna ring them on Monday I'm sure if they advertise a price they have to honour it ??? :x
Quite p***d off as well - both the items are still in stock at the moment (Which contradicts their reason for cancelling the order "The items you have ordered are no longer available/discontinuedtherefore where applicable you have been refunded. If you stillrequire the order then please reorder the goods online at your earliestconvenience.") so they've just backed out of a perfectly legitimate purchase.

Will be on the phone first thing!
Yes me too.How can you reorder something that they,ve just said is no longer available or discontinued.Can,t wait to hear the excuses on this one.
I guess it will be, the bundle order isn't available, but seperate items are...
I'm sure most people would rather they say they made a mistake with the price and accept that. Obvously, they won't want to lose thousands of pounds on a pricing error...
This morning I checked and both items were in stock (Only 1 TV left though)

Spoke with customer service, reason for the cancelled orders (Apparently) was that a stock-take over the weekend revealed incorrect numbers of the plasma TV. They have loads of the DVD recorders though. The TV was out of stock by the time I got through.

The plasma TVs are coming back into stock in 7 days. We can re-order it at the new price then.

I gave a very long argument based around the fact that we're placing an orderon a web-site where the stock may be incorrect and the price may change - so we're totally blind from a purchasing perspective.

Most I managed to get out of my whinge was free delivery on my next order.

So it is off to Makro at lunch-time to see if they've got any offers on plasmas now I've got the taste for it (And ordered my universal bracket from eBay!).


What a lame excuse you got from Ebuyer !!
why advertise as a FANTASTIC sale price when you have no stock?
I'm sure trading standards would have something to say about the sudden u turn Ebuyer have made with this offer. I don't know if internet trading is the same as a high street store but i'm sure if a product is advertised at a price they have to sell at that price regardless of any mistakes in pricing.That is I believe why they suddenly have "no stock"
I too have been checking the web site and the stock count for the "non bundled tv offer" went from 40 something to nil almost immediately. I will be very suprised if the " new stock" is advertised at the same price.
Just call me cynical :wink:
first to say, I thought what a great price, but like all good deals was literally to good to be true, I ordered this item on sat as a bundle deal(£610.00)(£451 plus vat for tv), only to be told via email that the items had been cancelled (this was on sun night) I then rang ebuyer on mon morning and was told that the items were not supposed to be listed as a bundle and this was in fact an error, but as the money had not been taken from my account, no contract had been entered into! I was then told there were still tv's for sale but they were not as part of the bundle, that was ok I said as I was only really interested in the tv and not the dvd, so I placed the order again(£614) and then when I came home last night I found that they had converted my order into a quote!!! because the billing address was different from the shipping address(nonsense, I double checked earlier) only when I went in to adjust, low and behold the order disappeared!! So when I rang today, I was told the tv's were still for sale but they were £700!!(up £200 in two days!!) I said that they should honour their agreement, with that she went away and came back and told me there were now none for sale!!!!
with that I cancelled my account and I will not EVER use them again, I urge you to do the same
ebuyer are cheap, but an awful, awful company.

used them quite a few times as work, and at home, they are a huge disapointment on 50% of the orders, and dont offer much in the way of assistance when they do mess up.
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