EXPIRED - FREE issue of Digital SLR magazine

EXPIRED - FREE issue of Digital SLR magazine

Found 1st Dec 2010
Offer expired now. Actually NOT, try this link.




"Digital SLR Photography is a monthly magazine dedicated to digital SLR photographers of all abilities, from beginner through enthusiast to professional. It promises to inform, entertain and educate you through a unique blend of technique articles, inspirational images and authoritative reviews.

Claim a FREE issue today and see how Digital SLR Photography will help you take your best ever photos in no time at all!"


Due to abuse of this promotion, online ordering for this offer is currently suspended. If you still wish to purchase a subscription, please contact our customer service department on 0844 844 0053.

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dang it says the offer is expired, i just managed to get it late last night.

Mod please delete offer. thanks.

how can you abuse an offer?

do they mean they have had a lot of takers?

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no idea. anyways, such a shame. i got an email from them saying order will be on the way in 2 weeks and was valid just before i submitted freebie. grrr.

can you guys stop voting please, the thread wont expire even after clicking expire. Mod please expire.
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Funny I went to this website and the link still works from that photography site.


Offer still works but cripes! you will have spam from here to eternity. Just inspect their 'privacy statement' to see what they'll do with your details. Is it worth it for one free copy of a photography magazine? Could you not just go to the dentist for a checkup?

There is a voucher in todays metro to get £1 off this mag so if you just want one issue you can get it for £2.99
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