EXPIRED Just Friends (Rom Com) DVD - £1.99 delivered from HMV + 10% Quidco

EXPIRED Just Friends (Rom Com) DVD - £1.99 delivered from HMV + 10% Quidco

Found 2nd Jul 2008Made hot 4th Jul 2008
Next cheapest is £4.89 at SendIt.com

In fat-boy-turns-phat-boy comedy JUST FRIENDS, a successful record producer is given a second chance at pursuing the girl who, years earlier, rejected him in high school because of his appearance. Armed with a new look and newfound sense of confidence, he heads home to New Jersey, where the two get reacquainted amid a barrage of comedy obstacles. Stars Ryan Reynolds and Ana Faris.

Don't forget Quidco at 10%.


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One of the funniest films I've seen. HOT!


Good film,Good price.

great deal, have some rep:thumbsup:


cant you just post all the £1.99 under this thread

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http://hmv.com/hmvweb/specialOffers.do?atozArtistFilter=none&atozTitleFilter=none&simpleSearchString=&searchMode=1&sort=search_sort_attribute_price_product_artist_sort&pGroupID=5&pGenreID=-1&pTertiaryID=-1&primaryID=5&secondaryID=-1&tertiaryID=-1&searchUID=-1567037393389210519&leftComponent=null&headComponent=null&compTitle=DVDcant you just post all the £1.99 under this thread

I can't beat 'em, so I'm joining 'em. I've given up trying to do things differently and make this place better - no-one else bothers, why should I? :-D

Plus not all of those films are half-decent, and there isn't as much of a price difference between other sites.

Ordered - thanks! Gotta be worth £1.80 or whatever it is after Quidco!

Not a bad film, saw it at the cinema.

worth it just for the 'I Swear' scene, but quickly turns into chick flick nonsense after


Hmmm, i wonder if he gets the girl at the end? :friends:

Rather weak film, couple of funny moments though.

Very funny and underrated film IMO.:thumbsup:


Very funny and underrated film IMO.:thumbsup:

Yes, I agree. Much better than the average chick flick - believe me, I have had to sit through every one released in the last ten years!!!

Really funny film! seen it at the pics & been waiting for them to reduce the dvd, bought it for £2.99 at HMV instore last week

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Now £8.99 - expired!
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