EXPIRED - Kinect: Fantastic Pets 10.99 @ play.com

EXPIRED - Kinect: Fantastic Pets 10.99 @ play.com

Found 13th Jun 2011Made hot 13th Jun 2011
£10.99 Free delivery

RRP £39.99 Save £29.00 (72%)

In Stock & Sold by Play.com

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Bargain my little girl loves the demo... have some heat

Same price at Amazon.

was waiting for this to drop in price...lmy little girl will be very happy


Same price at Amazon.

not in stock


not in stock

you're right - sold out some time after I had posted!

How's it compare to the other pet game I forget the name of but got convinced into buying as I'm a sucker?
Edited by: "Calzone" 13th Jun 2011

OOoooh my niece will be overjoyed, thanks so much! I love a good bargain.

HMV r giving £23 trade for this game.

My little girl has been pestering me for this but even them puppy dog eyes of hers would not make me fork out 17.99 for this utter garbage.....

However, at this price - youve made a little girl very happy!


Please dont vote cold just cos the game is garbage - put yourself in the shoes of us poor fathers and vote this one HOT!

Oh and dont forget quidco!!

Cheers for the find - youre a hero in this house

Great find!

Is little-un's 7th birthday next week - she's already got Kinectimals coming and now she can have this game too Heat added
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